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  1. Pontiac Sunfire
  2. 98 Sunfire headlight problems
  3. i was bored: added some paint.
  4. antitheft lock
  5. engine swap
  6. 96 pontiac sunfire
  7. I luv my new sunfire!
  8. 05 sunfire-exhaust?
  9. 96 sunfire motor swaps? is there any?
  10. door panel
  11. 98 Sunfire
  12. 100hp/L
  13. Water Inside
  14. ETS Button not working
  15. sunfire door help
  16. performance chips
  17. 97 sunfire engine/tranny swap
  18. Brake/turn signal problem Please Help!!!
  19. Problem With Heat
  20. front bumper swap
  21. Weatherstripping
  22. speedometer
  23. Engine Check Lamp
  24. theft lock passlock 1
  25. Wierd Noise coming from Engine...HELP!
  26. Lowering Springs??
  27. easy projects?
  28. New Exahust&CAI
  29. wheel size
  30. over heating
  31. 96 Sunfire Key Lock Cylinder
  32. 99 Sunfire - Lots of pulsation in brakes
  33. 98 2.4L missfire ideling
  34. headlights
  35. 97 pontiac sunfire problems
  36. loss of power
  37. Window motor
  38. 96 Sunfire Door Latch Issues
  39. 96 sunfire loss of power.
  40. Sunfire 2001 CHECK light
  41. 04 Sunfire - Struts gone at 44k
  42. Wipers
  43. Vibrating Sterring Wheel 97 sunfire
  44. Need Help! 1996 Sunfire GT auto
  45. Headlight/turn signal lever
  46. air conditioner help
  47. Transmission Problems - help
  48. Fuel Gage
  49. 96 Sunfire problem
  50. Brake Pedal Switch
  51. loud tick
  52. 96 sunfire SE
  53. Rear end squats a lot with weight???
  54. fuel pump?
  55. Gas Pumping Problems
  56. any clue
  57. Odometer turned off......
  58. Sun roof?
  59. 2003 Sunfire
  60. Wont start in Park?
  61. HVAC not working Right
  62. How do I check the Transmission fluid in my 2002 Pontiac...
  63. My '96 pontiac sunfire is making a rattling sound coming from the fan belt, what could...
  64. How much to replace a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire A/C Fan blower...
  65. How much does it cost to repair the driver's side power windows of a 2002 Pontiac...
  66. My A/C won't Blow!!! Pontiac Sunfire- Condensor gets cold, nothing
  67. Pontiac 1996 Sunfire 2.2L No...
  68. How do i get more horsepower out of a
  69. Is there more than one oxygen sensor on a pontiac
  70. How much transmission fluid does a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire with an automatic...
  71. have a 1998 pontiac sunfire,have changed water pump,overflow tank,thermostat,but temp gage drops to
  72. Why does the lo-trac or no-trac light keep coming on in a 2002 pontiac...
  73. i have a 96 pontiac sunfire headlight nite time dont work like i put them in and it stays on DRL
  74. Headers on Pontiac...
  75. how to replace a valve cover gasket on a 1998 pontiac sunfire. 2.2....
  76. does anyone know where the fuel filter on a 2004 Pontiac Sunfire
  77. I have a '95 pontiac sunfire and my car now makes a whistling noise when I start it up & it...
  78. I have a '95 pontiac sunfire and my car now makes a whistling noise when I start it up & it overheats now
  79. 1995 Sunfire Window Regulators
  80. Fuel tank problem on 2004 Pontiac...
  81. I have a Pontiac Sunfire and it is clicking when I brake.Does anyone know if this is a problem with...
  82. Oil Change for a 1998...
  83. how do I install a 1999 pontiac sunfire
  84. Sunfire 2004 radio dosen't turn off?!?!?!?!?
  85. How long should brake pads last on a Pontiac
  86. Tune Up on a Pontiac...
  87. I have 2001 Pontiac Sunfire, that will not start, i just put in a new fuel filter, any...
  88. I have a 2003 Pontiac sunfire and there are headlights that stay on in the daytime...
  89. i have a 2000 pontiac sunfire and i am having a problem with it. it all of a sudden wont...
  90. Where is the fuel filter and/or fuel pump fuse located on a 2003 Pontiac
  91. My pontiac sunfire broke...
  92. 04 Pontiac
  93. 96' pontiac sunfire trouble with over
  94. 98 pontiac sunfire with a loud knocking noise.Really loud at start then quiets and stays there for...
  95. 1996 pontiac sunfire gt...
  96. I hav a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire, my left tail light and rear turn singal dont work. Anyone know what...
  97. Creaking sound--Wheel bearing?
  98. 2000 Pontiac Sunfire rough...
  99. How much would it cost to repair a blown head gasket in a 1996 pontiac...
  100. i have a 2002 pontiac sunfire with an after market jensen cd player
  101. Why is my 95 pontiac sunfire not staying running after changing o rings in the fuel...
  102. 2001 Pontiac sunfire body control...
  103. Pontiac...
  104. 98 sunfire brakes hard
  105. 98 sunfire evaporator core
  106. What could be wrong with my Pontiac Sunfire? Check engine and theft system...
  107. Would it be good to buy all of this for my pontiac 2001
  108. Issue starting 97 Sunfire
  109. Can a 2002 pontiac sunfire tow a 5x8
  110. 1996 Pontiac Sunfire Cooling System...
  111. How do I change the circuit breaker on a 1995 Pontiac...
  112. How do you change the license plate light on an '02 Pontiac...
  113. where is my gas pump switch on a 1996 pontiac...
  114. how do i check the fluid in automatic trans when there is no
  115. 2001 Pontiac Sunfire Coupe Speedometer
  116. 1995 Pontiac Sunfire - Headlights not
  117. 98 Pontiac Sunfire battery light flashes sometimes and when i turn heat on lights
  118. can you convert a pontiac sunfire 96 to a chevy...
  119. I was driving my 99 Pontiac sunfire and the heater quit running and then the car started making...
  120. My fog lights in my 2003 pontiac sunfire stopped working...
  121. i have a 1996 pontiac Sunfire and im haveing a fuel mileage...
  122. I have a pontiac sunfire and i've been thinking of putting in a sound system. can anyone
  123. Help with 2005 Pontiac Sunfire
  124. My 1999 pontiac sunfire won't start unless I press on the gas. Any idea of what's going...
  125. Pontiac Sunfire GT98. When i push A/C button, i can't hear the A/C
  126. replacement weather stripping pontiac sunfire...
  127. how can i make my 1996 pontiac sunfire run better and get better mpg and more...
  128. Trying to buy a 95 Sunfire... could use some help...
  129. My 2002 Pontiac Sunfire is leaking...
  130. "Clangy" noise on 99 Pontiac...
  131. Diagrams and how to guides needed to preplace driver side window regulator on 2003
  132. Pontiac Sunfire Major Malfunction
  133. How do i change the spark plug wires on a...
  134. I have a 2001 pontiac sunfire
  135. lights on a pontiac
  136. drain plug for a 2003
  137. 1997 Pontiac Sunfire SE
  138. Which fuse do you change for the light on the gear shift of a 2005
  139. How do you know when a coil pack is going bad on a
  140. Possible fuel pump problems?? 1996 Pontiac
  141. I have a pontiac sunfire gt. 2001. what would happen if i install
  142. can you put a 2.4L engine in a 1999 pontiac sunfire that
  143. 2000 Pontiac Sunfire A/C problem!! Help...
  144. Where is the antifreeze leaking from on a 1995 pontiac...
  145. can i place a 2003 pontiac montana v6 engine into a 2002
  146. I have all the codes to unlock my radio on my 1996 Pontiac sunfire but no directions on how...
  147. I have a 2000 pontiac sunfire, i want to get rid of the
  148. 2000 Pontiac...
  149. 99 Pontiac
  150. 2000 Pontiac Sunfire...
  151. how do i change a ignition in a 1997 pontiac
  152. overheating
  153. What tool do I use to change the driver's side mirror on my '97...
  154. Does anyone know how to bleed a coolant system on a 1999 Pontiac...
  155. Pontiac sunfire not running
  156. Just Bought A Pontiac SunFire Maybe Probs?
  157. 2002 automatic sunfire
  158. whats wrong with my car now 2000 pontiac sunfire?
  159. 2001 pontiac sunfire rpm issue..?
  160. 2001 pontiac sunfire iat sensor?
  161. 97 Pontiac Sunfire rims?
  162. 99 pontiac sunfire(standard tranny), occasionally wont start,until you open the
  163. How do you change the air filter on a 2004 pontiac sunfire?
  164. what are all the causes of no power to fuel pump in a 2002 pontiac sunfire?
  165. 2002 pontiac sunfire radio help?
  166. I have a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire we changed the thermostat, how do you bleed...
  167. 2001 pontiac sunfire won't start when at 1/2 tank of gas?
  168. Overheating peoblems in 1997 Pontiac Sunfire?
  169. 96 Pontiac sunfire Dies out after driving for 30 min?
  170. Broken timing chain & bent valves
  171. i have a 96 pontiac sunfire, what does it mean when the ETS light comes on.?
  172. Why can't I get my 1998 pontiac sunfire out of park???
  173. I have a 2001 Pontiac sunfire that sometimes will go very slow when I push on the
  174. Problem with Pontiac Sunfire 2002, the anti theft device keeps engaging and
  175. Pathetic Really, But I Need To Know The Top Speed Of A 2000 4 Door Sedan...
  176. pontiac sunfire power door locks???????
  177. Pontiac sunfire engine?
  178. Ac problems in 2004 pontiac sunfire?
  179. what is the biggest size rims I can put on my 1996 pontiac sunfire?
  180. I have a 99 Pontiac Sunfire convertible, recently my remote stopped activating...
  181. How do you program the remote keyless entry for a 2000 pontiac sunfire?
  182. Removing door panels from a 1999 pontiac sunfire SE coupe?
  183. When to change the timing belt in 2001 Sunfire GT
  184. 2000 Pontiac Sunfire Gas Light comes on...1/2 a Tank?!?!?
  185. car horn not working ...2000 pontiac sunfire ... changed the fuse ..still not
  186. I have a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire and i'd like to listen to my ipod through it's
  187. I have a 2005 pontiac sunfire and it makes a rubbing noise on passenger...
  188. About how much would it cost to fully paint a pontiac sunfire? ballpark figures?..?
  189. I have a 1998 pontiac sunfire 2.2. engine and my gas gauge quit working?
  190. 2001 Pontiac Sunfire Dashboard Warning Light?
  191. Does anyone know the wiring diagram for a 2001 pontiac sunfire?
  192. I have a 1998 pontiac sunfire, the ac will not work. I recharged the...
  193. What would be your first the first upgrades you would do to a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?
  194. i have a 1998 pontiac sunfire. the low beams on the car refuse to work, but...
  195. '96 Pontiac Sunfire airbag replacement tips?
  196. My 2001 Pontiac Sunfire received some major hail damage on June 5?
  197. i need to know where to put the transmission fluid in on a 2004 pontiac sunfire?
  198. Crank Position Sensor
  199. I have a 1999 Pontiac sunfire gt 2.4 that will "sometimes" not start.?
  200. Cylinder Two Misfire??
  201. Clutch stopped working on 98 Pontiac Sunfire. It stuck, then I stopped...
  202. Pontiac sunfire revving up on it's own?
  203. 95 Pontiac Sunfire?
  204. 99 Pontiac sunfire ac clutch wont engage?
  205. high rpms at idel
  206. 1999 Pontiac Sunfire brake lines?
  207. how much is it to fix a timing chain for1997 Pontiac Sunfire???
  208. 2003 Pontiac Sunfire GT sticky clutch?
  209. I can't find the TPS (throttle position sensor) on my 2001 pontiac sunfire......
  210. I have a 99 pontiac sunfire and its leaking coolant?
  211. How do you open the headlight cover on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?
  212. 2004 pontiac sunfire shut off when i was driving on the highway and wont start
  213. RPM Problems with 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?
  214. 1995 pontiac sunfire tourqe specs manifold head bolts?
  215. I have a 99 pontiac sunfire and i need to know where the carberator is. Please help.?
  216. Trouble Starting a Pontiac Sunfire?
  217. How do You take the Daytime Running lights off of a 2000 pontiac Sunfire?
  218. Where could I find the cruise control on a Pontiac Sunfire 2002?
  219. How do i change the front and rear speakers on a 2.2 L 1997 pontiac sunfire SE?
  220. What could be starting to fail in my 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?
  221. Why is my 2005 Pontiac Sunfire temperature gauge flipped over?
  222. 2000 pontiac sunfire and it hesitates and stalls if I'm not moving. ?
  223. Fuel Pump Hunt? Pontiac Sunfire, i Need Help!!!?
  224. great spark plug for a 1995 pontiac sunfire?
  225. I have a check engine light on, on a 97 Pontiac Sunfire 2.4 Twin Cam... whats wrong?
  226. 2000 Pontiac Sunfire turns over but won't start
  227. have a pontiac sunfire 2001 and (P) &(i) stay on while driving?
  228. How do you put freon in a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?
  229. 2000 pontiac sunfire won't start?
  230. 1997 Pontiac Sunfire Gear Problems?
  231. Pontiac sunfire transmission?
  232. 1999 Pontiac Sunfire's check engine light is on.?
  233. Headlights don't work,
  234. The lights in my 1999 Pontiac Sunfire are acting up.?
  235. Why won't the brake lights come on in my 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?
  236. blowing fuses to brake lights
  237. I need help replacing a brake light switch on a '99 Pontiac Sunfire?!?
  238. 1997 Pontiac sunfire issues help please?
  239. What size are the speakers in a 1998 pontiac sunfire?
  240. 1996 Pontiac Sunfire Stuck 1st but can move the shifter left, right, 5th and
  241. 2000 pontiac sunfire belt question?
  242. where can i buy a blue faceplate for the instrument panel in my 2002 pontiac sunfire?
  243. Would sitting in a garage in a 1997 pontiac sunfire kill you?
  244. 2001 Pontiac Sunfire, when roads are wet, car will not stop ? ?
  245. pontiac sunfire compressor turns on and off and system is charged. helpp meeee?
  246. My Pontiac Sunfire 2005 is nearing 30,000 miles. What all should a 30,000...
  247. Why is my 2002 pontiac sunfire overheating?
  248. I have a pontiac sunfire 2000, and I was told I need the cam sensor and...
  249. how do you change a thermastat in a 2000 pontiac sunfire?
  250. why does my 99 pontiac sunfire not have a radiator cap like all other cars?