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  3. Holden confirms G8 export (duh) and hints at return of El Camino
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  8. the new pontiac g8 also uses the ls2 engine....but why 362 hp instead of the 400 hp ls2 on the...
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  10. Why is Pontiac offing the Grand Prix for the G8...
  11. Do you think (or know) that Pontiac will continue using heads-up display with the
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  15. I must have a
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  17. what do you prefer? a pontiac g8 or a kia amanti
  18. should i let my kids eat and drink in my brand new pontiac...
  19. Anyone Else Want a
  20. What do you all think about the new...
  21. Has anyone bought the new Pontiac G8 (the first 888)? Did you have to pay a dealer extra chg due to low
  22. Pontiac G8 Spyhunter Commercial
  23. where is the g8 gt crawd?? c'mon!
  24. Does anyone know the name of the song in the new Pontiac g8
  25. What do you think of the new Pontiac...
  26. G8 Pontiac Commercial PLEASE...
  27. GXP question
  28. PONTIAC G8....Do you have one? When and where can I buy one? I haven't...
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  30. I want a Pontiac G8 GT with a 6-speed Manual. Who else does??
  31. Acura TL,Pontiac G8, or NIssan Maxima?
  32. What do you think of the Pontiac G8?
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  35. mitsubishi lancer evo gsr vs. pontiac g8?
  36. Is the heads up display available on the Pontiac G8?
  37. pontiac g8?
  38. how pontiac G8 GT NAV work, car dont come with DVD have to buy separate,...
  39. My next car is going to be the Cadillac CTS or Pontiac G8...but which one
  40. Upcoming 505bhp G8
  41. As if you have never heard of the Pontiac G8??!!! Made by GM Holden South Australia?
  42. Is Pontiac still considering 'El Camino' as a name for the Pontiac G8 ST?
  43. Question for Pontiac G8 drivers!!!?
  44. wheres the oil filter on a pontiac g8..?? and its a v6 engine?
  45. Pontiac G8 GT Navigation system?
  46. pontiac g8 sport truck?
  47. how do you open the fuel door on a pontiac g8 gt?
  48. i want to get the pontiac G8 GT
  49. what do you guys think of a 2008-2009 pontiac g8 as a first car?
  50. What do you think about the Pontiac G8?
  51. Is there any way to put an aftermarket head unit into a Pontiac G8?
  52. Do they make a pontiac g8 gtp awd?
  53. How much would a Pontiac G8 GT cost?
  54. Pontiac G8 or Nissan 350z?
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  57. My parents are getting me a 2009 pontiac g8 gt but Im wondering if it will...
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  59. powerchips for pontiac G8?
  60. Pontiac G8 GT, Honda Accord coupe w/ full option, or Nissan Maxima 09?
  61. Pontiac G8 GT or Nissan Maxima 2009?
  62. what do you think is better pontiac g8 gt or mustang gt?
  63. Would you pick a Pontiac G8 GT or a BMW 550I?
  64. To People that own the Pontiac G8 GT is it worth the buy?
  65. What do you think about the 2009 Pontiac G8?
  66. When will the new 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP model be released ? ?
  67. Dodge Charger SRT8 vs. Ford Mustang GT vs. Pontiac G8 GT?
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  69. How much does it cost to lease a Pontiac G8?
  70. Do you like the pontiac G8?
  71. Pontiac G8 drag !! help ?
  72. Should I get a Pontiac G8 Base?
  73. Is it a risk to buy a Pontiac G8 Base?
  74. where might there be a Pontiac g8 upgrades online?
  75. I just purchased a 2009 Pontiac G8... What do ya think?
  76. What is a better vehicle Pontiac g8 or Audi Q5?
  77. I just bought a 2008 Pontiac G8 GT. After the deal was finalized and I was
  78. Who's upset over the Pontiac G8 ST's future(NOT coming to the US after all!)?...?
  79. 2009 Subaru WRX or 2009 Pontiac G8 GT?
  80. Help me choose: 09 Pontiac G8 GT, 09 WRX, 09 Mazda 6s?
  81. 2009 Pontiac G8 Sedan. Is it worth it?
  82. How is the Pontiac G8 GT?
  83. Question about the Pontiac G8?
  84. Pontiac G8 GT please read!?
  85. I am looking to purchase a Pontiac G8 B-Package for about 27,300 inclusive all...
  86. Are Pontiac G8 GTs worth the extra $3000?
  87. Pontiac G8 to Holden/Vauxhall?
  88. Are the Pontiac G8 GTs that much more expensive to insure than the base model?
  89. Top speed of the 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP?
  90. Is there a difference between a 2008 pontiac G8 and a 2008 G8 GT front bumper?
  91. Pontiac G8 Dealer Installed Sunroof?
  92. Which Car - Pontiac G8 GT or Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6?
  93. pontiac g8 gt intake?
  94. Infiniti G35 Coupe or Pontiac G8 GT?
  95. where are Pontiac G8 speakers ?
  96. Where are 2 of the 11 speakers in my Pontiac G8?
  97. Adding a powered sub to a Pontiac G8?
  98. Just bought a Pontiac g8 gt and want to personalize the plate any suggestions?
  99. how does the pontiac G8 perform with snow tires?
  100. shouldnt the next gen Chevrolet Impala be a rebadged Pontiac G8?
  101. why dont ppl buy the Pontiac G8?
  102. Do I buy a Pontiac G8 GT now?
  103. Could I get a Pontiac G8 badged as a Holden Commodore?
  104. Should I get a pontiac g8 gt or a 2006 subaru sti?
  105. With the demise of pontiac next model year, should I even consider buying a G8
  106. Pontiac is going out of business would now be the right time to but a pontiac g8...
  107. Pontiac G8...will it still be around?
  108. need to know about Pontiac G8 GXP?
  109. where can i find a 2008 pontiac g8 gt certified pre-owned?
  110. What is a good 2009 model car that is pretty fast and is under 30gs? Pontiac G8?
  111. Any Pontiac G8 owners with the Corsa cat-back?
  112. Im trying to find the clear tail lights for my Pontiac G8 '09?
  113. Should I keep my Pontiac G8?
  114. whats faster sport mode or manual- pontiac g8 gt 09?
  115. Pontiac G8 snow tires?
  116. Is the Pontiac G8 a good car?
  117. I am planning on buying a Pontiac G8 in the next month.Is this a good thing to do
  118. whats a nice sounding muffler for a 09 pontiac g8 gt?
  119. mustang gt or pontiac g8 gt?
  120. Song and band from Pontiac Street Brawl - Gina Carano vs. Pontiac G8 GXP, video.?
  121. can you put a 2008 g8 Pontiac grill in a 2007 g6 Pontiac?
  122. Looking for a PONTIAC G8 near iowa under $19.500 any help?
  123. 50 series delta flow muffler a good choice for a pontiac g8?
  124. is flowmasters 50 series delta flow muffler a good choice for a pontiac g8 gt?
  125. will putting headers on a pontiac g8 gt be worth it?
  126. I have a 2009 Pontiac G8. I'm looking to put a audio system in it. What should
  127. 2009 Pontiac G8 Sedan or 2009 Dodge Avenger SXT?
  128. How can i get a pontiac g8 st for my moms birthday?
  129. 2009 mustang gt vs pontiac g8 gt?
  130. Considering a G8 GT
  131. How much do you think a used Pontiac G8 GT (or not GT) would cost?
  132. 2009 WRX, 2008 EVO GSR, or 2009 Pontiac G8 GT?
  133. How low can I go on a Pontiac G8?
  134. Pontiac G8 or '09 STI?
  135. How low can I go on a Pontiac G8?
  136. Is the Pontiac G8 GT better than the Chevrolet Impala SS ?
  137. cold air intake for 09 pontiac g8 gt?
  138. Help! 2009 Pontiac G8 or Mazda 6?
  139. What cars are identical to the Pontiac G8?
  140. how does the pontiac g8 sedan v6 handle in the rain and snowy conditions?
  141. Pontiac g8 gt.....need help.?
  142. Pontiac G8 or Chevy Camaro?
  143. Important advice on what kind of exaust i should put on my pontiac g8?
  144. 2009 Pontiac G8 base or 2010 Mustang v6?
  145. What will happen to the Pontiac G8?
  146. NC (and SC?) G8 Gathering September 19th
  147. NC (and SC?) G8 Gathering September 19th
  148. Night/Stealth Mode access excludes V6...??
  149. When is the official production end of the Pontiac G8?
  150. 09 Pontiac G8 GT loss of power issue in Heavy Rain.?
  151. Do you like the pontiac g8?
  152. Does the pontiac G8 come in a V4 model?
  153. How do I set up the Bluetooth Hands-Free device in my '09 Pontiac G8 GT when it...
  154. What car should i buy nxt? Pontiac G8 or Acura TL?
  155. Should I buy a Pontiac G8 Gt ?
  156. Dodge Charger R/T or Pontiac G8?
  157. Pontiac G8 or no....?
  158. I Have A Question About The Pontiac G8 Gt?
  159. Do you have a Pontiac G8?
  160. Pros & Cons of the Pontiac g8?
  161. is a pontiac g8 gt better in the snow than a mustang gt?
  162. Is it possible to supercharge a 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP model?
  163. What supercharger/twin turbo system would be able to be put in a 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP?
  164. where can i find clear tail lights for pontiac g8?
  165. 2006 mitsubishi eclipse GT or 2009 Pontiac g8 GT?
  166. Pontiac g8 is discontinued?
  167. BLue tooth- FALSE advertising from GM....
  168. where can I find pontiac G8 V6 turbo kit?
  169. Frozen Hood latch - Pontiac G8 GT?
  170. Do you think the Pontiac g8 will ever come back?
  171. Will pontiac come back along with the g8?
  172. how can I increase the horsepower on my pontiac G8 V6?
  173. is there any pontiac g8 gxp available?
  174. My friend is deciding between a 2009 Pontiac G8 or 2010 Jeep Wrangler...
  175. Is The Pontiac G8 GXP Only Available In The United States?
  176. Are there any ipod adapters made for a 2009 pontiac g8 gt that works with the...
  177. slightly used 2009 pontiac g8 vs new 2010 camaro ls/lt?
  178. Who know if a nitrous kit is available for my 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP?
  179. Northstar in Pontiac G8?
  180. How much is the 2010 Pontiac G8?
  181. Is the Pontiac G8 a good car?
  182. What were the differences between the 08 & 09 Pontiac G8 GT?
  183. What is Manheim auction price for an '08 or '09 Pontiac G8 V6?
  184. Pontiac Question: How much will the Pontiac G6 and G8 Drop in 3 years?
  185. Pontiac G8 price...opinion, rant, rave.?
  186. Pontiac G8 GT Warranty?
  187. Does the Pontiac G8 have a CVT engine?
  188. Are Pontiac G8's a hot car on the market?
  189. can you get a pontiac g8 in the US and can you get a 2 door?
  190. Any good deals on Pontiac G8's?
  191. is the pontiac g8 a good car?
  192. How much horsepower gain will i get from putting electronic exhaust cutouts on my
  193. cylinder heads
  194. Could You install a pontiac G8 GXP Original front bumper onto a GT version G8?
  195. brakes
  196. Should I buy a Pontiac g8 gt for my first car at 18?
  197. Should I get a nice first car I was thinking about a Pontiac g8 gt?
  198. Pontiac G8 GT or Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track?
  199. Why do you think the Pontiac G8 didn't sell well in North America?
  200. 2005 Pontiac GTO VS 2008 Pontiac G8 GT?
  201. Pontiac G8 for teenager?
  202. Pontiac G8 GXP for sale anywhere?
  203. Should an 18 year old get a Pontiac g8 gt as first car?
  204. 08-09 G8 control arm and caster arm kit
  205. Would you buy a 2009 Pontiac g8 gt or 2011 dodge charger?
  206. Does any company make a die cast model of a Pontiac G8?
  207. will they rebadge the pontiac g8 into a impala or a lumina?
  208. did gm ever actually bring the 2010 pontiac g8 el camino to production?
  209. CAR SELLING HELP... need help sealing my Pontiac g8?
  210. Does The Pontiac G8 "GT" have a governor's limit on the speedometer?
  211. Can I afford a used Pontiac G8 GT?
  212. Dealership Refuses to Work on Your G8?
  213. Dealership Refuses to Work on Your G8?
  214. Looking for a G8 GXP
  215. WTB Silver G8 GXP
  216. Needs Advice!
  217. G8 gt vs charger rt vs ls2 gto
  218. Holden Parts
  219. set of 4 pontiac g8 18" double spoke wheels for sale
  220. G8 Foglight
  221. Center Dome Light front and rear do not work after LED failure.
  222. WTB GXP Manual
  223. Possibly Screwed in a G8 Purchase, please help
  224. 2009 G8 GT V8 for sale
  225. FOR SALE! 2008 Pontiac G8 GT, Livernois performance FAST and LOUD
  226. need seat measurement
  227. 2008 Pontiac G8 GT For Sale
  228. brand used 09 G8 GT
  229. Holden commodore doing strange things
  230. Does the Pontiac g8 come as a Manuel
  231. Hey people i'm new here, Gotta nice Pontiac G8 for sale
  232. 2009 G8 GXP 3,000 Miles
  233. G8 Handling Questions
  234. Stock g8gt dod/cam headers/exhaust questions
  235. que about the 3.6???
  236. For Sale! 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP 2500 miles
  237. parts source?