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Left turn signal rear light does not work on '67 GTO

The left turn signal light does not blink when lever is activated. It will only blink when steering column lever is held half way in the "lane changing position." Also, if I have my foot on the brake, the brake lights will illuminate on both sides but the left brake light will go out all together if I move the turn signal lever to the full left turn position. Right brake light continues to illuminate. Brake lights work properly if no left turn is activated. Right rear tail lights work perfectly at all times. Parking lights work OK on both sides. Hazard lights work OK. Front turn signal/parking lights work OK. Dash lights for turns work OK. This steering wheel is plastic, non-wood, and non tilt. I'm thinking that something is not making contact when I signal for a left turn. Rather than just replace my switch assembly, I would like to know if something else is causing my problem. It's interesting that the left turn signal will blink only when turn signal lever is in the "lane changing mode" and not work at all when lever is fully engaged. Any suggestions on what might be causing this issue?
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