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Thank you very much, 300$ for whole job, but i paid 100$ just to remove lock cylinder for me. He also Jimmy rig repaired the damaged one.

Ok so, with the same lock cylinder in. The battery is dead. Upon trying to jump, no start
Security is on.
To reset the security. Turn the key to on for 10 minutes, until security light disappears from dash.
Turn off for 5 seconds
Turn back to on for 10 minutes, security light disappeared.
Repeat one once more
Equaling 30 minutes

Tried to start, car won't turn over. Tries every 2 seconds
We tried a good few times it would try slightly harder each time.

Tried installing the new lock cylinder i bought, can't get it in all the way for some reason.

Security light used to be on immediately on entry. Did security reset.
Now it only appears after we turn to start.
Car has been on jumper cables thru whole process. Testing battery tomorrow

Thanks for reading post any input on this. I'll update after checking battery
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