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2008 Torrent sudden loud grinding metallic sound from engine - your help please!

Hello everyone,

This morning I encountered a scary sound from my 2008 Torrent GXP. Upon turning the ignition, reversing out of my driveway and driving at about 15 mph down my neighborhood, I heard a loud metallic grinding sound. So loud in fact that I rolled down my windows and looked around to see if it was coming from a landscaper or someone working a blower! The sound emanated from the engine. Anyways, after only a few hundred feet the sound subsided, but it was loud and quite aggressive.

I took it to the shop thinking I was about to lose something important and to my surprise, the mechanic was not able to replicate the sound. I suggested it might be the water pump, belt or bearing, but he failed to move forward to even perform any diagnostic to try and locate the issue.

Now I had brakes replaced a year ago and it doesn't sound like its that. I checked the undercarriage and hood and found no debris.

Any ideas are appreciated!

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