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04 Aztek starting problem

Retired and moved to Florida with 03 Aztek 57k miles that is garaged. We love it, as you all love yours. But, now a problem we can't afford the dealer to spend hours trying to find.

Get in and turn the key, and nothing. Idiot lights work. Headlights go on. Battery is fairly new. Had it towed to Firestone but it started just fine after it got there by tow truck. Picked it up and no problems for a month. Then, sitting at the grocery store parking lot for an hour, the same thing. Lights ok. Idiot lights ok. Radio ok. No start. Not even a noise. Towed it in, and it started. A month later again. The tow driver hit the starter with a hammer the next time and it started. We had Firestone change the starter. Got home, and it wouldn't start again. No noise. Firestone said to put the old starter back on and take it to the dealer who wants 150 an hour to search around for the problem. It might break me. Help! I did notice when it won't start but all the lights work, it also won't go out of park either. Maybe theres something electrical to do with allowing it to come out of park, and when the electrical connection for the starter won't work, the same problem affects the shifter in park. Help!
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