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CAR wont start....all help accepted

1966 GTO, 389, 4BBL, 2spd AUTO... Car has had new wiring harnesses, new cap , rotor, points, condensor, plugs, wires, coil, Carb is a Edelbrock 1406 (rebuilt). new fuel pump. new fuel filter. Issue: car cranks, it brings fuel to the fuel bowls in carb and squirts into primaries. but it doesnt fire. there is power going to the points as i found out when using a metal feeler gauge to set points and left the ignition switch on. your help is needed. please list as many possibilities that I may have overlooked . all thoughts are greatly appreciated and will be checked. Even if its something that might be obvious i may have overlooked something very simple. Thanks in advance !!!! Things I still need to check... whether there is spark at the plugs and whether the primary butterflies are opening to let fuel in. any and all ideas welcome !!!!!!!!
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