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Pontiac Forum: Supercharger in a Pontiac fiero gt v6?
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Old November 3rd, 2009, 10:39 AM
Brandon S
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Supercharger in a Pontiac fiero gt v6?

Where can I find a good superchager for my fiero? And how much would it increase the horsepower?
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Old November 3rd, 2009, 10:40 AM
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You'd probably be better off just swapping in a Series II Supercharged 3800 from a Grand Prix or Buick

I always kind of wanted to do a LG0 180hp Quad Four in a Fiero. I think that would be a nice combination of light weight and power.
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Old November 3rd, 2009, 10:40 AM
Mad Jack
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All V6 engines used in the Pontiac Fiero were the 60 degree V6 design. My guess is that you have the 2.8L. You won't find a supercharger for this application. Highly doubtful you will find a roots type supercharger as no one makes an intake manifold for this.

The other GM V6 that is commonly supercharged is the 3.8. However this is a 90 degree V6. There are no common engine parts from the 3.8 that fit the 2.8.

Your only hope is to cobble together a universal kit. Maybe something from Paxton. But don't expect this to be cheap. Expect to pay at least $8000 to $10,000 for this.

Horse power increase depends on boost and how much other modifications you make. You will need a good inter-cooler to make any serious power. Have you thought about where you would mount one?

Also, your 60 degree V6 has some other limitations. There are not very many aftermarket parts for this engine. If you are intending to make serious power you will want some forged pistons, forged connecting rods, and forged crank shaft. Good luck finding those. You will also need to lower the compression ratio of the engine. Again, good luck finding some custom pistons for this.
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Old November 4th, 2009, 07:54 AM
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Geez, when will folks who don't know the correct answer, stop with inaccurate information?

There is a Vortec style supercharger kit for the Fiero
The supercharger kit adds 80 hp. So you end up with 220hp
The kit can be bought here:
It does require you to remove the A/C compressor.
Comp Cams has a stage II cam that works well with the z-spec supercharger. Ross makes pistons if you want to increase boost even higher. The Z-spec kit works very well with the stock 8.9:1 ratio. With the cam swap, porting heads and some decent exhaust manifolds like the Fiero Stores Sprint performance manifolds you can get about 250hp out of it. If you want an intercooler, Fiero Warehouse makes scooped panels that go just behind the doors and the passenger side is large enough for a medium sized intercooler.

Fageol makes a roots type supercharger for the 60* V-6's with cast iron heads (like the Fiero 2.8L) but you need to either convert to carb or TBI. The Fageol does not make a kit specifically for the Fiero, But if look on the parts list you can get all the parts required. The kits they sell are mostly for the S-10/S-15 pickup trucks. You could buy a truck kit for the correct induction (carb or TBI) then just get the thin cogged belt pulleys. The thin cogged belts come in 5psi, 7psi, and 9psi. If you want to go to the 12 psi, It requires a thicker pulley so you need to notch the cradle by about an inch and strengthen the notched area. 9psi will get you around 220-225 hp on a stock block. You will also need to add a scoop or bulge to the decklid as the overall height is about 1.5" taller than the decklid. Website:

There are plenty of aftermarket parts you can add on as well. Trueleo makes an excellent intake that flows 60% better than stock and they have a matching set of headers, ( ) Comp Cams make 4 different stage cams, Ross pistons makes forged pistons for various compression ratio's and over-bores, GM makes a stroker kit to go up to a 3.1L, The Fiero Store sells stainless steel valves with a better flow design, and most other parts can be bought thru Summitt Racing or Jegs.

Finally if you wish to make your own kit, Here is a website link that shows how to do it yourself:

Good luck on your project.

Last edited by Oreif; November 4th, 2009 at 08:46 AM.
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Old February 22nd, 2011, 10:17 PM
FrdFrmBrdn FrdFrmBrdn is offline
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They do make a roots style supercharger for the 2.8 60 degree V6. Call these guys here, Im going to get one for my 88 that I converted a carb set up. For what i need the set up will cost me under $2k

wasnt easy finding this but it is out there.
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Old February 22nd, 2011, 10:21 PM
FrdFrmBrdn FrdFrmBrdn is offline
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Roots style supercharger for GM 60 degree V6

They do make a roots style supercharger for a GM 60 degree V6. Call the guys here,

Im converting my 88 race car to a carb set up with a 3.4 60degree V6 and this is the best way to get more power. For my set up and what i needed the price is under $2k. This wasnt easy to find but it is out there. Good luck and let me know if this helps.

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Old March 2nd, 2011, 11:48 PM
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you know whats funny theres a shop in my city were i bought my crate chev350 crate engine for 950.00 with all taxes like 1200 - 300 bhp and your going to spend 3400 plus tax plus someone to instal it for you for 80 more hp??? I don't know i think i would look for a 350.

best regards,

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