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Pontiac Forum: can someone help me find the location of the Theft Deterrent Relay in
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Old September 27th, 2008, 01:36 AM
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can someone help me find the location of the Theft Deterrent Relay in

the LS1 engine (94 camaro or firebird)? can someone help me find the location of the Theft Deterrent Relay in the LS1 engine (94 camaro or firebird)
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Old September 27th, 2008, 01:42 AM
John S
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im afraid your mistaken bro no 1994 Z28 Camaros were LS1 equiped they had the LT1 the LS1's were in only 1998-2002 Z28 and SuperSport Camaros

Thanks for using Just Answer. I would be glad to assist you with your issue.

Will the engine turn over, does anything happen when you turn the key?

Here's some basic information about how the starting system operates:

When the Ignition Switch is moved to the START position, voltage is supplied to the normally open contacts of the Theft Deterrent Relay. Voltage is also supplied through, either the Transmission Range Switch (Automatic Transmission) when in PARK or NEUTRAL, or Clutch Start Switch (Manual Transmission) when the clutch pedal is depressed, to the Theft Deterrent Relay Coil. The Theft Deterrent Module energizes the Theft Deterrent Relay by grounding one side of the Relay Coil only when the Theft Deterrent System has not been activated (Refer to Antitheft and Alarm Systems/Theft Deterrent System ).

When the Theft Deterrent Relay is energized, the normally open contacts close, completing the circuit to the Starter Solenoid. When the Starter Solenoid circuit is completed, both the Hold-In and Pull-In Windings are energized. The circuit through the Pull-In Winding is completed to ground through the Starter Motor. The windings work together magnetically to pull in and hold in the Plunger. The Plunger moves the Shift Lever. This action causes the Drive Assembly to rotate as it engages the Flywheel ring gear on the Engine. At the same time, the Plunger also closes the solenoid switch contacts in the Starter Solenoid. Full battery voltage is then applied directly to the Starter Motor and it cranks the Engine.

As soon as the Solenoid Switch contacts close, voltage is no longer applied to the Pull-In Winding since battery voltage is applied to both ends of the windings. The Hold-In Winding remains energized and its magnetic field is strong enough to hold the Plunger, the Shift Lever and the Drive Assembly Solenoid Switch contacts in place to continue cranking the Engine.

When the Ignition Switch is released from the START position, battery voltage is removed from the PPL wire and the junction of the two windings. Voltage is applied through the motor contacts to both windings to ground at the end of the Hold-In Windings. However, the direction of current flow through the Pull-In Winding is now opposite the direction of the current flow when the winding was first energized. The magnetic fields of the Pull-In and Hold-In Windings now oppose one another. This action of the windings, with the help of the Return Spring, causes the Drive Assembly to disengage and the Solenoid Switch contacts to open simultaneously. As soon as the contacts open, the starter circuit is turned OFF.
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