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    1994 Bonneville accelerates without hitting the gas!

    My 1994 Bonneville accelerates even when I am not pressing the gas pedal. This begins as soon as I start the car. When put in neutral or park, the RPMs kick up to and remain around 3,000. On the road at high speed, conversely, (~60mph), the RPMs occasionally remain worryingly low (around 1.5-2...
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    1994 Bonneville Dipstick?

    I drive a 1994 Bonneville. The head on my oil dipstick recently broke off, so I went to the local pull apart, found a car with the same engine as mine, and pulled the dipstick. I was talking to someone who said that I could have just bought a new dipstick from Advanced Auto Parts (or similar...
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    94 grand Prix gtp need help diagnosing a few issues

    Recently I bought a 94 grand Prix gtp with 194000km, it ran well for the first few weeks but recently only starts after a few tries and rarely on the first try. What happens is I'll turn the ignition sometimes and it will just click once, and I have full battery, everything comes on, the radio...
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    Tips for parting out a 94 Sunbird?

    I have a 94 Sunbird SE with 48,500 original miles on it, and even though it runs great, there's a rust hole in the rear-right inner wheel well where the shock in that corner should connect (so now there's no support in that corner). If I didn't drive 75 miles a day for work, I'd be fine with...