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    What size wheels can i fit on my 1968 Pontiac Bonneville

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any first-hand experience of wheel sizes for 1968 Pontiac Bonneville. I have done a lot of research and keep coming up with conflicting answers on the sizes, offsets, etc that I can put on the car. Especially the rear, due to the wheel wells limited room. If...
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    1966 Bonneville 389ci part identification help

    Purchased a 1966 Bonneville with a 389. On the top of the engine next to the distributor on the passenger side there is an open hole. I have no idea what goes there and was hoping someone could inform me what should be there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    1994 Bonneville Dipstick?

    I drive a 1994 Bonneville. The head on my oil dipstick recently broke off, so I went to the local pull apart, found a car with the same engine as mine, and pulled the dipstick. I was talking to someone who said that I could have just bought a new dipstick from Advanced Auto Parts (or similar...
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    1966 Pontiac Bonneville Front and Rear Seat

    I've got a clean front and rear seat that would fit a 4 door Bonneville, Catalina, or Star Chief. 250 OBO It's a turquoise type color. Willing to negotiate on the price. You can message me on here or email at for pictures.
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    for sale 1966 catalina 1 owner

    I have a 1966 Catalina 4 door 122k original miles. 389 2 bbl 400 trans all original have original title with manuels. New tires new tune up runs and drives. The brakes need work have new master cylinder included with sale. Interior is mint with exception od corner boulser of seat everything...
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    no horn '05 bonneville

    need some help with inoperative horn. have checked fuse and horns themselves fuse is ok horns work ok too ie when using remote to lock or unlock doors. but horn does not work when pressing on steering wheel area. any help is appreciated. and if needed is there a good video for disassembly of...
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    1960 trim tag and tri tone

    Does anyone know why the cowl tag on my 1960 Bonneville Convertible says "66" for trim? All the trim codes for this year are 3 digits and they all start with 2. I read somewhere that someone who had a trim code that was 68 was "short" for...
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    Hello All

    I am known as Robey53 in the eBay world and I specialize in obtaining car parts. I happen to run across lots of Pontiac models in junk yard hopping adventures. If you need a part don't hesitate to ask.
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    2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI Electrical Problems

    Hi I really need some help with the issues I'm having on the 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI I just bought with 127k Supercharged. At first all 3 doors except drivers were getting no power, and I took the drivers seat out and re spliced the corroded tan and white wires. That allowed my front...
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    Bonneville engine in 04' Grand am sedan?

    What I really want is to swap out the stock echotech 2.2 liter v4 for somthing a little stronger. my reasoning is because I want to then supercharge it, so I don't want to supercharge a soap box racer. Is this possible, without money being a factor?
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    Original Pontiac Arrowhead factory die emblem... any info?

    I've got an original Arrowhead emblem brass factory die that I believe to be from the late 1950s. It measures 14 by 7 inches with the emblem being 12 inches high. I'm wondering if anyone knows what this die was used for. Possibly a dealer display piece to usher in the new Arrowhead emblem? By...
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    1998 Bonneville sunroof arms not aligned

    Hi, I have a 1998 Bonneville that's having sunroof issues. The two arms that move the glass are not aligned with each other. They are about an inch or so off. I have the back of the headliner dropped so I can take the motor off and do the synchronization, but something tells me that's not going...