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    Instrument Cluster erratic?

    Gauges are intermittent, sometimes read correctly but most of the time show impossible values. Since every gauge reads like this would the issue be the Cluster or BCM? ECU? ?
  2. M

    Gauge Cluster Dies Then Car Dies

    Hello All, I'll just jump right into my problem: I started out with three lights showing in the gauge cluster -ABS Traction Control and Check Engine. From what I was able to research about this issue, there is probably an ABS sensor (or other sensor) that I need to replace. The car, however...
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    04 Vibe- Gauges flash with Indicator

    Electrical issue on my 04 Vibe When I hit the right hand turn signal, all of the gauges on the dash flash on and off along with the turn signal. When the head lights are on the right hand arrow stays on continuously with the gauge lights and nothing flashes when I hit the indicator, but I still...