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  1. P

    Selling 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTX

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to sell a silver 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTX. While the car's exterior and interior condition are mostly intact and in good shape, the mechanical condition of the car is not. However, because I am not qualified to diagnose or fix the car's mechanical issues and...
  2. C

    Need help: Blower motor and stereo Remote Wire not working after welding exhaust.

    Hello! I have a 2007 GP GT and it had an exhaust leak, so we welded it to fix it. I'm aware that welding can cause damage to electronics, so I was sure to disconnect the ground terminal from the battery before welding. Once we got done the stereo and blower motor no longer worked. Upon...
  3. DGSchneider

    For Sale LH RH 69 Pontiac Firebird Rear Tail Brake light

    For Sale LH and RH 1969 Pontiac Firebird Rear Tail Brake light. Preferably for sale via my Ebay listings. For details and more pictures go to my ebay listings. For mutual fraud prevention paypal payment only or cash in hands. $100 for both Shipping not included. Title and description is a...
  4. S

    05 GTP 130k For Sale (not a waste of time)

    I hesitated posting this on here at first because I don't like bothering members with this stuff. Only reason I'm posting this here is because I think Ruby (my 05) needs to go to a good home, and one who knows what they want out of a GTP, not just any car. 2005 GTP Maroon 3.8L SC V6 Automatic...
  5. G

    FOR SALE - LED rear light clusters for 2004 Grand Prix body shape

    Pair of nearly new LED rear light clusters for 2004 body shape Grand Prix - complete with pair of correct ballast resistors so indicator flash rate is right and car does not report open/shorts. All lights that are in original cluster are now LED and look very sharp on the vehicle Used for...
  6. G

    Dire need of help! 1980 grand prix

    Hello all.. I have a 1980 grand prix lj. With the 4.3 265 v8. When i go out to initially start it it will fire up and stay running.. If i come back out say half an hour and try to start it again. I get continuous crank. I put a new carb ,cap rotor button , plugs and coil on it. Vacuum lines dont...
  7. H

    2006 3.8L Major Issues! starter? alternator? ecm? or what could it be!

    Hello, I have a 2006 Grand Prix 3.8L. 149,XXX miles, I've had the car since July around February the "check gas cap" light start coming on. I went home from work one day pulled in the gas station got gas, when I went to start my car I heard clicking sounds as if the battery was dead, ended up...
  8. W

    97-02 Pontiac Grand Prix Manual Dual HVAC to Automatic HVAC Conversion

    Intro First off, I want to start by noting that since this is my first how-to write up, I will be editing this as I go to make things better, so please feel free to criticize! References Thanks to schematics (create free account to browse other diagrams)...
  9. W

    New Owner

    Hey everyone. I'm new to the GP world (and forums in general), so any criticism is welcome. I'm currently out of Raytown MO! Purchased a 2002 GP GT for $200 and then proceeded to blow probably around $2500 fixing it.... Had a blast! (although my wife is less than pleased! haha) Not a lot of...
  10. D


    2008 Grand Prix Neutralling out between 1st & 2nd 2008 Pontiac Grad Prix. no check engine lights on at all, 3800 series III engine shifts strong through all gears drives smooth no real issues with the exception of occasionally it neutrals out in first gear or when shifting between first and...
  11. B

    2008 Grand Prix Phantom Electrical Issue

    Greetings all. I am looking for assistance in diagnosing and fixing an issue with my 2008 Grand Prix. The car is a base model 3.8L V6 (`131K miles) which has run well until recently. Briefly described, there is a seemingly sporadic, random electrical issue where power cycles throughout the car...
  12. D

    2008 Grand Prix Base - Multiple problems

    I apologize if this has been discussed previously. I did try to search for the topic and got a wide range of results, but not exactly my problem. If I missed the correct thread, please point me to it. I'm not looking to bother anyone. I have the following issues when shutting my car off: Horn...
  13. J

    Wheel Bearing ABS or not

    :cool:I recently had a wheel bearing go bad. Order one from Amazon. Got it in and got the old one off. The new one has the ABS sensor attached. The old one has no sensor at all. Can I still install this? Is there any mechanics that require it to be connected to function? I would rather not go...
  14. F

    02' Grand Prix GT engine,trans

    My 2002 Grand Prix Gt has 112k miles and has started to jerk violently under heavy acceleration the rpms will drop to about 500 then rise up to about 2,000 rpm and this jerks the car really bad, i believe i have a cracked intake manifold i don't know if that could cause this problem or not if...
  15. G

    grand prix 2005 how to remove rear bumpers

    i need to install rear sensors for parking i would like to know how should i do it? does anyone has a manual over here to share? thank you in advance
  16. B

    89 grand prix 2.8 liter code 43

    just got sons 89 grand prix runnin after sitting for a couple years--. 2.8 v6 auto. runs great except for 43 code---knock sensor. replaced with new one--still there. replaced wire from sensor to a11 terminal on pcm---same code. disconnected neg batt terminal for hour---still there. WTF...
  17. Delco

    Hi I'm Delco

    I used to race Pontiac Grand Ams in 4 cylinder stock car class. I have a Pontiac Grand Prix GXP that was salvaged and I rebuilt it from two other salvaged Pontiac Grand Prixs. I hear that the hot engine swap is to put the 5.3 liter V8 from a Grand Prix into a Fiero.
  18. P

    08 Grand Prix gxp not starting

    I have a 08 Grand Prix gxp that wont start, it has a brand new battery, the alternator is fine, it cranks and randomly will turnover but then immediately will shut down, it also has brand new spark plugs, there is a reduced engine power light that is on, i have hooked a computer up to it and the...
  19. C

    Pontiac Grand Prix cabin air filter location

    Where i can find and how i cand replace 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix????
  20. R

    Hello All

    I am known as Robey53 in the eBay world and I specialize in obtaining car parts. I happen to run across lots of Pontiac models in junk yard hopping adventures. If you need a part don't hesitate to ask.