1. DGSchneider

    For Sale LH RH 69 Pontiac Firebird Rear Tail Brake light

    For Sale LH and RH 1969 Pontiac Firebird Rear Tail Brake light. Preferably for sale via my Ebay listings. For details and more pictures go to my ebay listings. For mutual fraud prevention paypal payment only or cash in hands. $100 for both Shipping not included. Title and description is a...
  2. vladhed

    2007: Parking, Tail and License lights not coming on!

    Just noticed this - the lights that are supposed to come on at night don't - even when the switch is on Auto, Parking or Head Lights. The switch works because the dash lights up. Brake, turn, reverse and head lights all work as normal. There doesn't seem to a fuse or relay controlling this...
  3. D

    no confirmation of locking with signal lights and horn

    I just recently purchased a 2003 Montana. I have not had any success reprogramming the signal lights to confirm that the vehicle is locked/unlocked. I have been able to change all the other settings as per the owners manual. It will not allow me to change this setting by following the steps...
  4. F

    2007 gt Headlights come back on by themselves

    On my 2007 Gt the headlights shut off initially when I shut the car down and take out the key get out lock it . But after a while could be 5 mins to hours the headlights come back on by themselves without the key in and it doesn't matter what position the headlight switch is in. I have already...
  5. A

    05 Grand Am electrical problems

    Hi, I recently purchased my Grand Am, and I love it, but I'm having issues, Cruise Control doesn't come on, the interior dome light and one of rear-mirror don't turn on as well, and if it has a beeping sound when not wearing seatbelt, that doesn't work either. The previous owner put in a...
  6. F

    Dash lights not working

    Hi..i have a91 bonneville sse. When I turn on the head lights my dash lights won't come on..they were working fine...and its not just the dash its all of the other lights too..heater, radio, seat controls, and window controls.head lights and tail lights are working fine.. I've gone through the...
  7. F

    2005 Base Montana

    Hi there, I am wondering about the wiring to the fog lights. When you switch from Low beam to high beam the fog lights go out, is there a way that you can have the fog lights stay on all the time? whether it be in either beam? :rolleyes:
  8. S

    Center Brake Light Works....But Not The Main L&R Brake Lights....HELP?!

    Hi everybody! So I'm at a loss here. I've changed the left & right brake light bulbs, and changed out the multi-function switch....but no luck still. Any ideas would be VERY appreciated as I'm an airline employee, and I really don't need the Airport Police pulling me over again :/ Thanks in...