1. E

    Just bought a 2003 Aztek

    Hey all! I just purchased a 2003 Aztek, it's my first car and honestly was the last car that I expected to own, but I'm really enjoying it. Is there anything that I need to be wary of at 170K? does anyone have any issues with the sunroof or gauges? Specifically, the gauge cluster seems to be...
  2. D

    New build

    So I’m just starting my first ever car build not sure the motor but it’s a 1965 4 door Catalina I am looking for advice and tips on this build body and interior are in solid shape and the car runs I’m wanting to stay carbed not wanting to mess with rebuilding the engine unless I need to any tips...
  3. N3M0

    1963 Catalina for sale SLC, Utah

    I have a 1963 catalina that i saved from the junk yard. 389 enigine, auto trans, no a/c. Runs and drives, has some rust. Needs trunk pan and a new fuel tank. Title in hand. All complete. I have the driver door chrome, it just needs clips to be reattached, 56,xxx on the odo. the trunk is the...
  4. X

    I am looking for a front bumper assembly and passenger front fender for a 1968 Pontiac Bonneville

    Hello everyone. I am looking for parts for a 1968 Pontiac Bonneville. I am looking for front bumper assembly and passenger front fender. I would like to find a 1968 Pontiac Bonneville 2 door, 4 door, or even wagon that is wrecked or being scrapped and purchase the entire car with those parts and...
  5. X

    What size wheels can i fit on my 1968 Pontiac Bonneville

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any first-hand experience of wheel sizes for 1968 Pontiac Bonneville. I have done a lot of research and keep coming up with conflicting answers on the sizes, offsets, etc that I can put on the car. Especially the rear, due to the wheel wells limited room. If...
  6. K

    1969 Pontiac Firebird For Sale!

    More Info in link! Modern Day Classic Vibes
  7. N

    '06 G6- Security Lights comes on while driving,car shuts off soon after

    This has happened twice so far in the last two days. Ill be driving and the power steering fails, the security light comes on the dash and the car wont go over 40 mph. Ill make it maybe a mile or so and the car dies, and will only start back up with a jump. Drove the car fine 40 minutes home the...
  8. B

    2003 Pontiac Grand AM V6 Will not start

    I am new to this form and I am working on my 2003 Pontiac Grand AM V6 that is not starting and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. When you turn on the key the dash lights up and the gauges sweep etc... (not sure if I hear the fuel pump) then when you try to start the car nothing happens no...
  9. S

    Clutch Pedal Sticks To Floor, Wont Return.

    Hopeing i can get some helpful advice real soon, every bit will be much appreciated. I bought this 2004 Pontiac sunfire just a week ago, its a 5 speed and nothing seemed to be a miss when i was driving it. When i went to go drive it one night the clutch pedal just stuck right to the floor when i...
  10. G

    1999 Sunfire Runs Bad When Raining Or Humid

    I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L that has been giving me this issue for a LONG time now. It's been getting a lot worse recently, so I thought I'd put some more effort into fixing it. Occasionally when It's raining or really humid outside, my car will spit and sputter, and not idle. Some days...
  11. T

    Grumbling/scraping feeling on brake pedal

    I have 2006 Pontiac Torrent AWD with front disc and rear drum brakes. I need help with my ABS & traction control lights come on together (sometime) when I hit brakes slowly to slow down my car around 20-30km/h with a grumbling/scraping feeling sent to my feet from brake pedal (feel like rumble...
  12. D

    03 Grand Am passlock issue

    Hello. I'm working on an 03 Grand Am that wouldn't start and the "Security" light was flashing. After leaving the key on for 10 minutes and turning the key off and back on the car started. So I replaced the lock and cylinder. When I tried to relearn the car to the key the procedure wouldn't work...
  13. D

    2008 Grand Prix Base - Multiple problems

    I apologize if this has been discussed previously. I did try to search for the topic and got a wide range of results, but not exactly my problem. If I missed the correct thread, please point me to it. I'm not looking to bother anyone. I have the following issues when shutting my car off: Horn...
  14. J

    Wheel Bearing ABS or not

    :cool:I recently had a wheel bearing go bad. Order one from Amazon. Got it in and got the old one off. The new one has the ABS sensor attached. The old one has no sensor at all. Can I still install this? Is there any mechanics that require it to be connected to function? I would rather not go...
  15. P

    Random stalling/Crank No Start

    My van has been doing this for a while, it even baffles my awesome mechanic. It only stay started for 20minutes a time, but afterwards after 30 minutes it would start up for another another 20 minutes. Got thr Fuel pump, fuel regulator, and something involving the fuel pressure.
  16. D

    71 Lemans won't start, TEMP light

    I have a 71 Lemans which yesterday refused to start. Battery is fine but every time I try to start her up the TEMP light comes on. If I had been driving her around it would make sense to me that it would come on if she was in danger of overheating but it's 40deg outside and she's standing still...
  17. L

    2000 Pontiac Trans Am Real WS6- Mint Condition

    2000 Pewter Pontiac Trans Am WS6 - REAL Ws6 car with 61k miles. Clean FL title. Car has always been a Florida car and has always been garage kept. Never molested, car is completely stock. Not one mod except for aftermarket cd player. SynMobil1 5/30 every 3,000 and maintenance has been...
  18. T

    How I Bought My 1995 Red Trans Am with 1-Way Ticket

    How did you buy your Pontiac? I cherish a good memory of how I bough it with a risk and certain trust. Originally published at TorqueNews Pontiac http://www.torquenews.com/pontiac After we sold our restaurant to pay the medical bill for our son's leukemia treatment, I used the leftover money...
  19. N

    1987 Fiero GT for sale

    Nice 87 fiero GT. 2.8 v6 No issues or concerns. Great daily driver! Clean inside out Not a spot of rust on the car. Silver with new parts -new tires -tinted windows -new spark plugs, wires, ignition coil -new touch screen radio Never abused. Call or text me 314-606-4898. I will text or email...
  20. K

    '63 pontiac catalina accessories brackets question

    im finishing up a rebuild on my '63 and i am at a standstill because i forgot how the brackets for the a/c compressor, alternator, and power steering pump, if anyone could post a picture of their brackets on the engine it would help me a lot. motor is a 1974 and i believe it has the stock brackets.