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    1965 Bonneville power window regulator Counter balance spring

    Background: After dealing with windows that need human help to go up since owning my 4 door 1965 Bonneville since 1970 I decided to replace all 4 motors. I started with the front passenger door and everything works good. The motor came from an ebay seller selling new motors. Problem: After...
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    fuel gauge bouncing and engine stuttering and dies?

    I have a 2001 Pontiac Montana, 3. somthing engine. It recently started to die on me like its running out of gas. The gas gauge bounces around and the digital miles left thing bounces too. But ill be driving and then itll start to stutter, and then die like its out of gas even though I just put...
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    Fuel Pump Module Quirk

    I am having trouble with a 2005 Vibe fuel system. I replaced the fuel pump module because the car has low power and 183000 miles. It was running only minutes before. When I tried to start it there was no power to the new pump. I checked all fuses and relays. I re installed the old pump and no...
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    Pontiac Grand Prix GT Window Regulator Assembly

    I have a window regulator I bought back in march (still in box/nenver opened..) I ended up not needing it and fixing the problem myself.. if anyone is inteested send me a email or reply to post