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    Clutch Pedal Sticks To Floor, Wont Return.

    Hopeing i can get some helpful advice real soon, every bit will be much appreciated. I bought this 2004 Pontiac sunfire just a week ago, its a 5 speed and nothing seemed to be a miss when i was driving it. When i went to go drive it one night the clutch pedal just stuck right to the floor when i...
  2. T

    p0422, p0455 codes, loss of power

    Greetings. I have a 2.2L 4-cyl 2005 Pontiac Sunfire that recently gives codes p0422 and p0455. There may be a leak in the exhaust system but I don't know where. Recently I mistakenly added old gas to it that was sitting for about 2 years, but have since used Seafoam to stabilize the remaining...
  3. G

    1999 Sunfire Runs Bad When Raining Or Humid

    I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L that has been giving me this issue for a LONG time now. It's been getting a lot worse recently, so I thought I'd put some more effort into fixing it. Occasionally when It's raining or really humid outside, my car will spit and sputter, and not idle. Some days...
  4. J

    Starter not Engaging, 98 Sunfire 2.4l

    Hi all I have an issue with my starter in my 1998 Pontiac Sunfire GT, 2.4l engine, with 5 speed manual transmission. So this issue never used to be a problem but it has been happening more and more and seems to be almost every time I go to start the car. When I go to start the car I can hear...
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    Sunfire ABS problem

    Hi, I'm new to the board and this is my first post. I have a 1997 Sunfire, 2.2L, 57,000 miles (my dads car, he hasn't driven in years) and there's a problem with the ABS. When I apply the brakes while driving at 10 MPH or more I hear the ABS solenoid click on and off. The ABS light does not...
  6. C

    2000 Sunfire, issues, $500, South Carolina

    224,827 miles, 2.2L A/C and heat work Several tires in new condition Issues Sounds like a valve or timing chain as it coming from right under the valve cover and toward the accessory side of the motor. Was able to get it home and it might could be driven a short distance Needs new motor...
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    1998 Pontiac Sunfire 2.4L Cooling Fan Issue

    Hi all so I own a 1998 pontiac sunfire GT with the 2.4L engine. Basically my symptom is when at idle for awhile, it will start to over heat. When I start driving the airflow will cool the engine and be fine. Naturally I assumed my thermostat because in the winter time at idle it would never get...
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    1998 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4L Master Cylinder Problem

    Hi all I own a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4L engine with a 5 speed standard transmission. * I have problems i believe with my master cylinder for my clutch as it will be hard to shift but if i bleed my clutch it will be perfect. When it starts acting up i can pump my clutch and it will make...
  9. B

    I need help removing my DRL's on my '03 Pontiac Sunfire

    I have an '03 Pontiac Sunfire that I just installed HID lights on. I've been looking online and people are saying to remove DRL's when HID's are in. I've removed the fuse, but the service light comes on. I've done research trying to find a way to make it so the service light doesn't come on but...
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    Sunfire Engine swaps

    So i have a 2.2l sunfire and i know you cant do anything to it to make it better and faster. So i was wondering what engines i could swap into my car, and what would be the best for a street car and a daily driver. Thanks for the help:)
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    97 2.2L Sunfire Performance parts

    Well i have a 97 sunfire that i want to do some performance upgrades to and i don't know where to go for parts. I've searched some places but there all for the 2.4L engine. Is it possible for the 2.4L parts fit on the 2.2L? I was looking at transmission parts and engine internals. If you could...
  12. H

    05 Sunfire Base power lock installation

    I am looking for assistance on whether or not the 2005 Pontiac Sunfire Base has the wiring required for installing power locks. If so, how difficult is it to install power locks? I'm looking into getting a keyless entry system, but am unsure whether or not installing power locks is worth my...
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    Radio LOC MONO, not OEM

    Like everyone else, power was lost and then came back, leaving us with the dreaded GM radio LOC. My wife's car has this radio: Troubleshooting wise, I've cleared all codes with a Scan Gauge2, reset the fuse, restarted the battery, yelled at it. And of course, we've tried the typical "Press...
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    2003 Sunfire - Battery drain issue

    I have a 2003 Sunfire SE that I don't drive very often. After about a week or so of not driving it, I find the battery is dead and the car will not start. To try and figure out what is draining the battery, I connected a multimeter in series with the battery. With the car off and all doors...
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    Base sunfire radio

    Hi all, my first time on this site. i just bought a coupe sunfire 2004 with base option, no electrical doors, no nothing haha, and the radio is just, a radio, no dc player and all. i saw the one who are in the gt models, do my original harness behind my radio will fit bolt on, plug and play...
  16. K

    looking for parts for sale

    looking for some parts for my 2001 pontiac sunfire coupe like anything performance like body kit, fart can, white cluster ect. let me know what you got.
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    1996 pontiac sunfire gt. what cat back will fit?

    I have a red 1996 sunfire gt with 71,3xx on the ticker.:D The car does not see many miles but it is in new york. I just did the break lines and normal stuff the body is clean besides a couple dents. I now am in need of an exhaust. I've looked on amazon,ebay, local parts stores like advance and...
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    2005 Sunfire 2.2 Engine Timing Chain

    Hello, my car is a 2005 Sunfire with a 2.2 engine. The other morning I went out to start my car and it would not turn over. We tried boosting it with no luck and then tried charging it for 2 hours, again with no luck. We replaced the battery thinking it was dead but that was not the cause of it...
  19. N

    2004 2.2 Sunfire Timing Chain (ecotech engine)

    2004 2.2 Sunfire Timing Chain (ecotec engine) Hello, I have a friend whose 2004, 2.2L ecotec, Sunfire car will not start. HISTORY: -His car has made a clacking sound for over a year now and we thought it was the valves. -Major maintenance has not been performed/maintained -it has 150k miles...
  20. A

    Rattling noise

    I have a 2001 Sunfire (auto). Over the past month I have noticed a rattling noise coming from the engine, it is loud and can be heard while i drive also. At first i thought it could be a belt but there seems to be no noise coming from there. I thought before I pay some mechanic to look at my...