1. 68Tempest

    Looking for Valve/Camshaft Cover Torque Specs for 4.1L (250) SOHC.

    I have replaced the valve cover gasket on my 250 inline 6 and I’m having trouble finding torque values. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 68Tempest

    Having trouble finding an oil pan gasket for my 1968 Tempest inline 6 250.

    I’ve searched all the big auto part store websites and Amazon and I’m having no luck finding a replacement oil pan gasket. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks for the help!
  3. D

    1969 Pontiac Custom S For Sale - VGC

    Very clean, southern 3-owner car in stock configuration. Looks great in Expresso Brown with Parchment vinyl top and Gold Morrokide interior. Well equipped with 350 (2 barrel/265hp, rebuilt with receipts), auto, PS, PB, AC, AM radio and remote driver's mirror. Much energy and $ spent to make it...
  4. 6

    clone or not?

    I've just recently bought a 68 tempest post. Definitely going with a Pontiac 400 but I need some input on if I should keep it a tempest or clone it to a gto. I like the gto look better but I've heard the tempest is getting to be a rare one because of cloning and whatever. Any inputs on this...