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transmission problems

  1. N

    '07 Montana transmission issue

    A friend of mine has an '07 Montana with 152 000 kilometres (94400 miles), when he places the shifter to "drive" nothing happens, if he puts it into 1st or 2nd it works normally in those gears but he gets no 3rd or overdrive. The transmission oil is clean and no burnt smell. He has had the...
  2. S

    Transmission Troubles

    2005 GT 3.8L SC. I got this vehicle into a LOT of water a few years ago, and the transmission went out. It has been sitting since. The transmission will work fine if you put it into low, take off, and manually shift to drive. If you attempt to start in drive, it acts as if in neutral. Any ideas...
  3. M

    Intermittent Tranny disengagment

    After coming to a stop , tranny occasionally disengages like put into neutral, then car must be put into park and shut off. When restarted works as should. Does not seem to be a heat issue, as happens when cold or end of a trip. But very intermittently.
  4. F

    02' Grand Prix GT engine,trans

    My 2002 Grand Prix Gt has 112k miles and has started to jerk violently under heavy acceleration the rpms will drop to about 500 then rise up to about 2,000 rpm and this jerks the car really bad, i believe i have a cracked intake manifold i don't know if that could cause this problem or not if...
  5. F

    Help! 2003 grand am se wont shift

    I just replaced the transmission in my automatic 2003 pontiac grand am SE. Its all back together, but now its not shifting right. It won't shift any higher than 1st gear. It is running at about 4000 RPMS at 55 mph and the transmission isn't even trying to shift. The computer codes show shifter...
  6. J

    09 vibe with transmission speed sensor problem

    My 2009 vibe, keeps skipping gears in automatic. I hooked up the computer and two mechanics have too, and gotten the code for the transmission speed sensor. I have replaced it and was fine for a half hour before the problem happened again. Same code keeps pulling up and the current mechanic is...
  7. F

    Transmission Dead

    Would appreciate any advice in regard to a problem I'm experiencing with my 2001 Montana please. My daughter has the vehicle at college and she called home to say the vehicle will start but nothing happens when she puts it into gear. Apparently there are no gears whatsoever and she managed to...
  8. J

    Transmission and/or clutch problem after missing a shift

    Hi, I drive a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire Gt and one day I missed a shift when driving and I heard a weird grinding sound pretty similar to the one you hear when you try to shift without using the clutch and you feel like there is a wall that prevents you from sliding the gear lever into the desired...
  9. poonshu

    1967 Catalina problems

    I have just pulled my engine this weekend and changed the oil pan because of a crack in the old one the new one I recieved had a plate that I had to remove for the new one to fit. I have replaced everything and now my engine squeals and my car wont shift in gear I have put all fluids back into...