wheel bearing

  1. Nate.plotnikoff

    No ABS Speed sensor in wheel bearing....?

    Hey guy as the title says this car does not appear to have an ABS sensor/ speed sensor in either passenger or driver side wheel bearings. The bracketry from The Hub to hold the quick connect is present but there is no wiring coming down the a arm to the hub assembly there's no ABS codes on the...
  2. F

    Wheel Bearing Trouble

    Hey all, I just joined as I recently picked up a 2000 GTP for 750$ to use as a work commuter. I had to put a battery in it when I picked it up but other than that it hasn't given me any trouble in the 2000 miles I've put on it. I decided to try to tackle the drivers side rear wheel bearing today...
  3. J

    Wheel Bearing ABS or not

    :cool:I recently had a wheel bearing go bad. Order one from Amazon. Got it in and got the old one off. The new one has the ABS sensor attached. The old one has no sensor at all. Can I still install this? Is there any mechanics that require it to be connected to function? I would rather not go...
  4. M

    Replaced Wheel Bearings and cv shafts 2 times

    I have a 2001 pontiac grand prix 3.8 super charged. I do not live on a dirt road but I do drive alot. Car has 140,000 miles on it. This all started in November of 2010 I replaced both wheel bearings. Well a shop did them for me. December 2011 we did the front right CV Shaft and tie rod end...