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    What size wheels can i fit on my 1968 Pontiac Bonneville

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any first-hand experience of wheel sizes for 1968 Pontiac Bonneville. I have done a lot of research and keep coming up with conflicting answers on the sizes, offsets, etc that I can put on the car. Especially the rear, due to the wheel wells limited room. If...
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    new 67 Catalina user

    I have a 67 Catalina and I want to put wheels with a lip as wide as possible in the rear without hiting my fender skirts when I pancake my car with airbags when at shows...can anyone tell me how wide I can go on the rear lip without hiting the fender skirt when I slam it? Thank you!!
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    wheel size for 67 catalina

    I'm trying to put wheels on my 67 Pontiac Catalina and I was wandering how wide I can go in the rear without hiting my fender skirts if I have airbags on my car and want to b able to pancake it at car shows...it would really help out thanks
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    New Wheels for an 09 G6?

    I have a 2009, base model Pontiac g6. I am looking to buy new rims. They don't have to be necessarily brand new, but i would like them to be in pretty good shape! I have looked online, but everything that fits my car is pretty spendy. anybody know where i could get 17" rims online for between...
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    FS: Honeycomb Wheels

    Cleaning out the garage shop. Wheels - Honeycomb Set (4) - 16" x 7" Condition: Great Bolt Pattern: 5 x 4.75" Missing one center cap. $150 all +shipping Located in Spring, TX