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05 g6 wont go into 4th gear and rides at 3grand rpm going 70 mph


New member
My 05 g6 3.5L has the check engine light on a a TC Light that won’t turn off the engine light is saying it’s the shift silinoid and I’ve checked the transmission fluid and it’s good so what are all other options I can go through before having to replace it and if I have to how do I and is that related to the tc light not turning off ? The cruise control won’t work as well but the light emitting from the button lights up just won’t engage. I’ve been driving it around like this for months hasn’t gotten any worse or any better since but one day out of the blue the tc light turned off and the check engine and it shifted into gear while I was going 70 but has never done it again


Staff member
What code are you getting?
If you are saying above that the code is pointing to a shift solenoid you or a shop can repair it.
The TC light has to be scanned to determine the cause it could be a wheel sensor.
The cruise control will not work if you have the TC light on.
There are videos on YouTube showing shift solenoid replacement.