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07 G6 GT Convertible


New member
Hello everyone hope you all are going to have a great Holiday season. My name is Lou and I'm a new subscriber to this forum and, need some help in figuring out the issues with my 07 G6 GT Convertible. Here we go. I have 2 issues with the car. I bought this car about a month ago from the second owners. It has 87,000 miles. 1st issue is the oil light. When I first start the car everything is fine. The oil light may not come on for hours then, it will chime and, the light comes on then goes off. It will come on again for a minute or two then goes off. Oil level is fine with new oil and oil life reset was done to 100%. However there is a oil leak. Was told leaking from oil filter housing which was repaired with a new gasket and oil pan gasket which has not been addressed yet. 2nd issue is not starting. 2 weeks after I bought the car it did not start one morning. Had the battery and charging system checked and was told both were fine. Jumped the car and brought it in to diagnose the problem. Was told the starter was bad. Put in a new starter last week. Got in the car this morning and did not start. Series of clicks and then nothing. Same problem I had before I install the new starter. Please, if anyone could help would be appreciated especially this time of the year. Thank you for your time and answers.


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you need to have the true oil pressure tested. If it is fine replace the sender.
do you have a voltmeter, if so, what is the voltage reading when the car wont start?