08 wave Please help


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So my 2008 pontiac wave is missing and sometimes staling while ide. It ony misses or surges when it's hot, it will work perfectly when it's cold. After about 15 min of driving the problem starts. It was giving codes p2135(throttle position sensor) and p0340(crankshaft position sensor) Both sensors were replaced as we as the throttlebody. All new parts. But the problem persists. However the codes are gone. No codes are showing now. So obviously that wasn't causing the issue. Also changed the pugs and wires which also did nothing.

The engine wont miss if it's in park or neutral, it's nice and smooth. There is some oil in the spark plugs but it's been there for years and never caused any issues. When i got the car the seal on top of engine was bad and leaking oil which i replaced(no oil leaking now). I can see that causing a problem now all of a sudden. My battery is bad which my mechanic says could cause issues if it wont accept the proper voltage from the alternator but why would it only cause issues when it's warm? I can't see that being the problem.

Any ideas?


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what has your mechanic said about the problem?
has the mechanic run diagnostics on the engine?
how many miles on the engine?
have you done a compression test?


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Low Voltage can cause all kinds of odd problems in newer cars, I would either replace the Battery, of barrow a known good battery and see if it effects how the car runs.

When I googled 2008 Chevy Aveo Missing when warmed up, many people were having the same problem, most people found that changing the spark plugs to the original A/C Delco brand cured the issue. You said you changed the plugs, but did not mention the brand you installed.

Other than that its down to finding a good shop that you trust and taking it there. Your car is basicly a Chevy Aveo, so don't overlook those sites when doing research.

To me it sounds like an ignition problem, but with no codes we are just shooting in the dark.