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09 Vibe Base clutch peculiar?


New member
upstate NY
I purchased an 09 Vibe Base manual 1.8 a few weeks ago. My question for you Vibe owners...is there anything peculiar about the clutch action in these (starting out from stopped)? Can't seem to get the hang of starting out smoothly, and consistently. At first I chalked it up to not having driven a standard in 15 years...but I don't know. I don't notice any slipping in any gears, shifts quite nicely, and accelerates fine. Seems like my starts are sometimes a bit jerky, and feel the need to give it more RPMs, and hold the clutch at the engagement point a bit longer then should be necessary. I did get it to "shudder" once, can't remember why that happened. Any advice or feedback? Again...could be my lack of clutch skills, but I did drive manuals for 20 years.


Staff member
I'm sure the manuals you drove were mechanical linkage clutches, this is a hydraulic clutch so it may feel different.