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1963 Cat convert inherit


New member
Hi - inherited, last ran in 1986, garage kept but Northern car. Trying to get it started. Need guidance. Replaced oil & filter, plugs (inserted pen oil into cylinders), radiator, new battery. Want to hand crank it and also pull fuel line from gas tank (so can subsequently use starter - if it still works). How hard is it to turn by hand - using socket wrench & big breaker bar on crankshaft pulley. In neutral with plugs out? It is not budging but i have not yet gone into beast mode. Also, where does the fuel line go into the tank? Pls dont say "from on top of the tank".


Staff member
If you let it sit few days after putting oil in the cylinders and as you said leave the plugs out you should be able to turn it over if the rings arent rusted to the cylinders. They make bore scopes that you may be able to rent.
This is supposed to be a 63 tank and it looks like the sender hole is visible