1966 Pontiac Catalina 2-Door- Just Bought/Help please

Guys I just bought me a 1966 Pontiac Catalina 2 Door Hard Top with the 389 and 400 Turbo transmission, and was wondering if you guys knew where to get parts cheaply? My car is fairly rust free however the trunk and deck lid in between the back window and trunk lid is rusted pretty badly..I did manage to find the Trunk floor for 199.99 @ Classic 2 current but I'm having trouble finding the deck lid. I want to get these problems patched up right away because the rest of the car is near perfect and I don't want the cancer to spread. Any help would be gladly appreciated much. I got the car in South Carolina for 650.00 dollars and basically drove it home. It runs and drives like a dream, and I just need to get the body prepped for paint. Any suggestions? Look forward to speaking with all of you! Thanks for the help. Your Pontiac brother -Anty.