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1966 pontiac ventura 2dr convertable



hi i have a 1966 pontiac ventura 2dr convertable that im about to restore. problem is i cant find much info on it. id like to know production numbers,general info,and what this car is worth. ive yet to fins another 2dr convertable. all i ever see are hard tops,4dr's,and regular catilinas. can anyone help me on this or point me in the right direction? thanks


87 GP said:
Here's another....

I don't see Ventua listed at either site. I guess it was more of a trim level than a model?
mabey, but all this car has for badges is ventura no catilina. thats kind of odd for just a trim package. i was thinking its like a special edition of a catilina or mabey what you said unless their one in the same. thanks for some help though.