1968 Catalina carb question


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I was breaking down the engine to take to the shop to get cleaned and bored if needed and heads done. Its a 400 2bbl engine.When I pulled the vacuum line off the back of the carp it broke off at the carb. Looks like plastic. Does anyone have one of these or know where to find one?
Was it just a plastic vacuum tee?

Those are available at auto parts stores.

If it was threaded into the back of the carb, those are usually aluminum or pot metal. Take the old one out, or take the carburetor with you and you should be able to match up the threads (Usually 1/4 inch pipe) with something brass at an auto parts or hardware store. (Home Depot, Lowe's, True Value, Ace, Auto Zone, O'reilly, NAPA)

Another place to look would be a wrecking yard, They will usually have a bin or shelf with a bunch of Rochester GC2 Carbs. Look for one with the fitting still in the carb.


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did you look at PN232RX and N139PX they have two side fittings and the center angles up/down/sideways