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1969 Lemans Gto clone front suspension issues


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Hello all been watching and using this forum for information and boy does it have some. This is my first post and hopefully I can get a little help. I have searched and can find a little information but nothing to concrete so here I go. I have a 1969 Lemans Gto clone with the problem that my steering doesn't return to center after a turn. I have to constantly correct steering so in my efforts to correct this issues by adjusting the valve on the steering box to no effect. I already planned on this but I upgraded my front upper and lower control arms to summit racing tubular arms hoping this would allow me to get the proper caster I need to correct this issue. After installing the A Arms just by looking I can tell I am pretty much at 0 caster but after upgrading to the new a arms now both front tires are 2" from the rear fender and 3 1/2 from the front fender. With the stock arms on if I remember correctly they were closer to center on both sides. The other day while driving and pulling out of a gas station there was a pretty big bump I hit and heard a quick rubbing on a turn so that make me believe if I adjust the upper control arms for more caster I increase the risk of more tire rubbing. I feel like the summit racing lower arms are probably out of spec and unless you guys know something I haven't found which is most likely I have 3 options. Option one the easiest one would be to spring for some good name brand lower control arms like qa1, but as most of us I am on a limited budget and it may take a while. The second being I could take the stock lowers rebuild them with stiffer bushings and put those in and see what I get. Third option I can think of is remove the tubular lower arms grind the front hole towards the engine a little and grind the rear hole away from the engine take some 1/8 steel cut 8 plates drill a hole the size of the bolt mock everything together and adjust the lowers towards the front of the car which should also increase my caster tighten the bolts down and tack the plates down pull the arms off and weld the plates and resemble. That should give me the caster I want the tire clearance I need but probably make upgrading to anything in the future another round of modifying back to the stock location holes wise. Im just wondering if anyone else has ran into this situation and what they did because if I go with buy the expensive lowers I don't want to run into this again because of another factor. By the way the frame was checked and it is straight so the only other factor could be body panels I think. Also its stock ride height when I bought the car about 6 months ago I converted the front drum brakes to right stuff disk brakes and also did the suspension in the same weekend so I literally drove the car home 30 min drive took the wife for a 10 min drive parked it in the garage and tore into it so I can't remember how it drove with the stock stuff in it, the drum brakes I thought were shot on the initial drive home but once I got it home only needed fluid. I added fluid took the wife for a ride but back on track on the way home I was more worried about what I thought was the brakes fading then anything else. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I posted this In both the Lemans and GTO thread since I am kinda in the middle hope I didn't break and rules for double posting and apologize if I did.


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Im really not sure what caused you to go down this path.
Did you have a steering return problem before you started changing things?
Either way rebuild the factory parts and return or sell whatever you bought.
You say you keep adjusting the PS sector shaft screw which makes no sense, iif you do it once correctly and the box isnt damaged it should not be needed to do a second time.
So in great detail how did you adjust the screw?