1969 pontiac gto door won't unlock

uncle jesse

New member
drivers door wont unlock, key moves locking lever, feels normal but door latch remains locked. any suggestions? cant very well get door panel off to get in there to see what the disconect is with door closed. Would a slim jim possibly work? Any one have an idea how to proceed?:confused:


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if you get in on the passenger side pull the lock button up on the top of the door panel and operate the door handle, the door wont open?


Belleville MI
Unfortunatly if pulling up on the door lock knob on the inside will not work, I dought a slim jim will work either. But its worth a try.

On my 67 Lemans I had to pull out the drivers side bucket seat for access to the lower door panel retaining screws. I found the actual lock mechanism was jammed (had to replace the door lock) all pulling up on the knob would do is bend the linkage.

But in my case the Lock would not turn. You may have the linkage itself binding up, or the door latch itself.

Good luck, finger crossed you can get it open with the door panel off.
Have you tried spraying either WD-40 or Liquid Wrench in the keyhole and in the gap between the thumb button and the exterior door handle, and let it soak for a few minutes. Another place to try WD-40 is half way up the back of the door, where the door contacts the latch. Best of luck.
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