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1973 Ventura Head Rest Help


New member
I have some used Head Rest coming for my 73 Ventura.The bench seat were covered poorly from previous owner.I noticed there is only a rectangle hole at the top of the seat with a kind of bent lever for the shaft to go down with the head rest.My question is there are no mounting holes for screws for the adjuster tab and plate to attach to.Does anyone have pics of how that rectangle plate top and bottom attach?I have some new upholstery coming.The upholstery is for a 73 nova so I hope it fits.Seems like it would be easy but I am not getting it!!Thanks


Staff member
not sure what your head rest set up looks like without pictures but I know on other models from that time period there is a plate, no top and bottom plates, and it attaches to the frame of the seat with two screws.