1984 'Bird Stumbles When Accelerating


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Aug 2, 2021
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So I wanted to add an update to this post. I started to experience lean conditions once again, and even began to throw an intermittent code 44 at freeway speeds. I started messing about with different brand O2 sensors, and settled with AC Delco. Although the sensor improved driveability, I still was experiencing dangerously lean conditions. Despite having a brand new fuel pump in the tank, I bit the bullet and dropped the tank. My 3-month-old sock was completely filled with rust, and the bottom of the tank was filled with very fine rust particulate. The fuel I extracted from the tank came out very brown. After sitting for a few hours, all of that fine rust in the fuel had settled to the bottom of my container forming a sludge. I couldn't believe it. I have since bought a new tank, new filters (sock and external filter) and pump, and have completely cleared the fuel lines. The car runs extremely well once again, and I even have more pull than I used to. I'm very lucky I didn't ruin my injector or throttle body. I guess after all that, a rapidly clogging fuel sock makes sense. I just wanted to document this in case anyone else might experience the same issues with a GM TBI.