1986 fiero 2.8 no spark


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i just bought a 1986 fiero thats been sitting for at least 5 years . after i got the engine to turn over and run for about a minute it died and has no spark now. module, pickup and coil check OK. whats next ?


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one of the wonders of forums you give advise and guite often never know the outcome.
Its irritating when some of us are trying not to bother others with a question that was already answered.....it was a nightmare for me to diagnose the fuel regulator spring in a F350 to end up blowing atleast one injector in the process...no one replied back to what was their answer to the same symptoms and I ended up on the "EGR valve culprit train" because of that. In the meantime, I was busy screwing the injector up(one for sure but most likely 3-4 last I was able to scan while the truck was still able to run without blowing a rod) due to lack of fuel pressure.....smh frustrating only because all vehicles are different and have their "tissues". I go to forums when I have no experience with the make/model in my hands and because I buy 15+yr old vehicles, it can be a nightmare for a $100 fix.
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