1988 Bonneville Check engine Light



I'm noticing that when my car is stitting with the engine running (no moving) the "check engine' light will come on. I don't think it's over heating. Also while driving I can hear a rumble cming from the right front wheel. (maybe the shocks?)
Any help would be great.

Pull the codes from the ECM (computer), that should tell you what's not working right. A rumbling sound could be the shocks, or maybe bearings, brakes, etc. Depends if it's continuous. If it is, it's probably not the shocks unless they're REALLY worn out. Try getting your wheel bearings repacked (you can do this yourself if you have enough - minor - mechanical skill, just get a manual, a good one will show you the steps and tools involved and also will tell you how to jumper your diagnostic port and read the codes), check alignment, tires, brakes, etc.