1993 Sunbird SE Interior Parts needed.


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Hi all, I am restoring a 1993 Sunburd SE Convertible for my daughter and am looking for some parts. Interior is Grey, please let me know what you have.

1. Instrument Cluster Glass
2. Drivers door panels..
3. Carpet (Charcoal grey or grey)
4. Radio bezel.

1. Window belt molding for all windows.

92 Sunbird LE

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WWW.row52.com for upullit yards with parts, just do a search ( 88-94 Sunbird) and all will show up. You will have to hire a parts puller person for pulling the parts and ship them to you if the yards are too far away.

www.car-part.com is another source, make sure you get a pic from them if they have it before they ship.

Mouldings are hard to find in good shape, most search for ever to find good ones , maybe Canada yards would be a better bet. There is info on www.jbody.org on how to fix them at home with new rubber.

Decals would have to remade with a local decal shop unless you can find NOS ones, sometimes they show up on EBay.

Doug in P.R.:cool:
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