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1998 Sunfire Horn


New member
For those of you having issues with the horn I took some pictures of the steering wheel with the air bag removed to give you an idea of how the horn works, (well part of it) as well as the connector on the steering column where the wire is thats activates the relay on the passenger side just above the kick panel.

20190831_172955[1].jpg pic 1

This is the air bag removed, 2 T27 Torx bolts on opposite side of steering wheel.
NOTE- When removing airbag do not let it fall, the wires from the actual airbag are all that connects to the wheel itself.
also, the connector (airbag) has a green lock that must be slid out and then the connector can be removed by pushing down on the tab and pulling plug apart at the same time.
20190831_173011[1].jpg pic 2

This is the probe (negative) from a Volt Ohm Meter (VOM) that I was tesing for GROUND.

20190831_173038[1].jpg pic 3

This is the connector to to the LEFT side of horn pad (white connector attached to ribbon). There is another white connector and ribbon on the RIGHT side.

20190831_173006[1].jpg pic 4

The positive probe from VOM is connected to the spring assembly that is inserted into a deep hole in the steering wheel. The white casing is inserted into the hole and fully depressed then rotated slightly to keep in place. There will be only one hole that this piece will fit into.

20190831_173118[1].jpg pic 5

The VOM will register a connection when the horn pad is pressed. Red probe attached to spring assembly and Black probe on metal area of airbag.

20190831_173103[1].jpg pic 6

When horn pad is released, the VOM will show an OPEN circuit. In PIC 5, the circuit is CLOSED when horn pad is pushed.

20190831_181149[1].jpg pic 7

Under the steering wheel is the connector for the Turn/Headligh/Hi-Lo beams lever. This connector also contains the wire for the horn relay. The connector can be accessed by seperating the 2 plastic covers that are around and behind the steering wheel. The "H" terminal location is the HORN connection. When grounded this terminal will show a closed circuit when the horn pad is pressed.
Make sure the connector is the correct one, it is labeled A B C D E F G H into the plastic and may be difficult to see without sufficient light.