1999 Sunfire Fuel Pump Inertia Switch?


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My car will run fine for weeks and then suddenly will just not start. I've discovered this is because the fuel pump isn't turning on, and have been working on whatever is causing that. Sometimes I can jiggle some wires under the dash and it will then prime, sometimes I pull out a connection and plug it back in and it will prime, other times I don't do anything and it will just magically start working again.

I've always assumed that if it was my fuel pump, it wouldn't be intermittent, it would just die and that would be the end of it. But because I can get it going again, I feel like it is an electrical issue of some sort.

Autozone sells a fuel pump inertia switch for my vehicle, but I have no idea where it is located. Does anyone else have any ideas where it might be?

Or any other suggestions as to why my car will randomly just not start? Thanks for reading.

92 Sunbird LE

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Check where the wires under the hood connect to the firewall bulkhead connector( which then run to the fuse box inside ) had a similar problem on my Sunbird.( Wouldn't start without shaking wires)

Swap out the fuel pump relay ( with similar one in the fuse box under the hood), and check the ignition switch also for burnt wires.

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My '05 Sunfire just started doing the same thing, and I've only owned it for 3 weeks. Running great before.
Cut out for no reason a few days ago but started right up.
Seems to happen when it is warming up.
Quit all together tonight.
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