2.0L OHC to 2.0L OHC Turbo

Sun Bird

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I have a Sunbird 1991 convertible with a 2.0L OHC 4 cilynder.
I have also a Sunbird 1994 convertible with a 2.0 OHC 4 cilynder with a Turbo.

Can i put de Turbo from de 1994 on de 1991 without big problems?

Greetings from Belgium

92 Sunbird LE

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91 was the last year for the turbo motor, 3.1 V6 and the 2.0 OHC nonturbo were the only motor choices 92-94.

Need to swap the fuel pump , the injectors and the camshaft also and the pistons which are forged.( Forged pistons are no longer available new)

Parts are easier to find in Europe new then here in the states.

Doug in P.R.:)
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