2000 grand prix fuel pump relay not activating

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I have a 2000 grand prix 3.8 non supercharged and while driving it my engine just died. Once I got it home I found that when I turned the key that I did not hear the fuel pump priming. I found that I was getting 12v to the fuel pump fuse and that the fuse is good allowing the 12v to pass through to the relay contact. I then bypassed the relay and found that I could then hear the fuel pump prime. I checked the relay coil and one side I am getting a solid ground connection and the other side I am getting 4.5v when the key is turned. I picked up several of the relays at the local junk yard and after trying them all I finally bent the coil pin on one of the relays so I could apply voltage directly and see if the relay activates. When I put a 12v on the bent pin I heard the relay click and heard the pump prime. I did try to have another person crank the engine while I was manually activating the relay but I didn't have any luck. In my Haynes book it looks like the signal to activate the relay comes from the computer. I could not find listed anywhere what voltage I should be getting from the computer to turn on the relay. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.:confused:


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check the ECM to see if it has a bad ground, from what I can tell the relay should be getting 12V from the ECM.
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