2000 Honda CRV 4wd or 2003 Pontiac


Anthony B

Vibe AWD? My wife wants either a Honda CRV or Pontiac Vibe. Has anyone had any experience with either of these? Which one drives better, has better fuel economy, and more room in the rear seats? Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


GM/ASE service/body Tech
Janesville Wi
While the Honda may be a well built vehicle the cost of parts is usually twice what a GM product is ...
a friend has an older CRV that needed a CV axle assembly and a driveshaft ..
(it was out of warrenty) the driveshaft alone was over $1000.00!
and took over three weeks to ship from japan ...
then adding insult to that was the fact it cost him another $350.00 to install it ...
the CV axle was nearly as bad at $over $400.00..
and the vehicle didin't have that many miles on it ...
If you plan on keeping it for any length of time after warrenty plan on spending some cash for up keep.