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2001 aztek multiple codes. Help advice??

---sorry i posted this in the wrong place I think.--- I am working on a 2001 aztek for a friend of mine that is is need of her car repaired and doesnt have the money for a shop. This car will start up kind of hard for the first start, then drives maybe a mile or so the stumbles back fires and stalls. I can start it up right away after it stalls no wait at all then it will drive a short distance like a 100 yards or so then die again. hit it with a scan tool and pulled these, ready for a list:: po741, po125, po130, po133, po138, po141, po171, po172, po401, po420, po440, po442, po446, po530, p1133, p1134, p1441, p1554, p1860, 1887. where should i start. the gm factory book always has a code listed that isnt suppose to be present for every diagnostic sequence that is listed. any ideas???


Staff member
start with the lowest code first
P0125 Insufficient coolant temperature, is the coolant bottle at the correct level when the engine is cold? Good chance the thermostat is stuck in the open position.
P0130, P0133, P0138, P0141 oxygen sensor, could be the sensor or the wiring going to the sensor

You can look up those codes and the others at this site