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2003 grand am 3.4l losing coolant


New member
Thought I'd share something that i found while chasing down the reason my car was losing coolant. After a ton of research and replacing the lower intake gasket twice, i was driving and the low coolant light came on. Luckily it was close to home. I left the car running and opened the hood. I heard a hissing sound coming from the area of the water pump. Turned off the car and hired over to that spot. Water pump was not leaking but could see coolant and a little steam coming from the head gasket of the front cylinder head.
Ordered a head gasket and proceeded to remove the head. It didn't dawn on me till i started torqueing down the new head bolts that when i took the head off it wasn't any effort to remove the previous head bolts. The old head gasket did not show any sign of failure.
So if you are doing a lower in brake manifold gasket, try to make sure your head bolts are torqued down to specs


Staff member
Did you look into whether those bolts are torque to yield bolts and the reason they were loose is that someone before you replaced the gssket and didn't use new bolts.