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2004-2008 Grand Prix fiberglass sub box


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The car I built this for met its end, Jiffy Lube installed a "faulty oil filter" which caused the oil to drain out by next day, damaging the engine beyond repair. The box is tuned to 35hz, amp (Audiopipe APSM-1300) and sub (Sundown Audio SA-10 D2 V3) are available for purchase as well.

There's a rebranded (<1yr old) Northstar AGM battery, JVC Android Auto head unit and all necessary wiring. If you're local and need it installed, I can do that for you.

The box has a threaded mounting point to keep it in place. The pictured Pioneer sub has trouble handling the amp's power, I ordered the Sundown which shipped the day prior to the motor running out of oil. The Sundown sub is the one you'll want, the box's spec's are perfect for it.

The box alone will be $200, the amp & sub I'll include for an additional $250. There was a lot of thought & effort put into the box, if you like bass you'll be surprised by the amount this will output. It uses mostly unusable space in the trunk, it sits securely and won't interfere with accessing your spare tire.

If you want everything; wiring, head unit (adds a backup camera) etc., we can negotiate a price. If you have steering wheel controls, everything will work as it should. PM me if you're interested in anything, I can provide any specifics you need. local (Portland, OR) is preferred but I'm willing to ship if actual cost is covered.


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