2004 Aztek differential leaks and repair manual


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I have a 2004 Aztek (automatic) I bought and it has been one of the best vehicles I have owned and ive owned a few. I wasnt able to test drive and as I was the first to come see it and it looked in great shape ( one owner elderly couple) so i bought it and she started banging through the gears. if she went into first with a bang all the other gears would shift with the same "bang". If she shifted smooth then all other gears followed suit and shifted smoothly. Checked trans fluid and VERY low. I bought some Bars immedietly and all but took care of the shifting issue. Sometimes starting off from a stop (especially if turning) I will hear chattring and then it catches. It now is slipping in 2nd-3rd gear. I have a brake leak so there a drips on the driveway. my step-daughters boyfriend came over and talking with him he got under it (i am on disability so its been hard to look under or get anyone to for that matter) and he pinpointed a possible issue. A leak in my right rear seal going into the differential. I know very little about vehicles but ALWAYS fix my own with the proper manual Now comes the issue. I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIND A REPAIR MANUAL for this vehicle. I tried Haynes (can only find manuals on body reair, emission controls and brakes)
Would the same year Rendezvous manual work?
I just need a step by step removal of the oil seal and replacement from a VersaTek diff. I have a manual i purchased on line but is more for a mechanic. it says to remove seal and replace with tool j 44809.
I found the tool on ebay. so
Does anyone know where i can find a manual or equivalent to assist me.
Has anyone done this will i require special tools or can it be done without them? Is there anything I have to do special as to not screw up the differential. I have to change the drivers side wheel bearing (going to do both rears) so i would like to do this all at the same time. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated. Forums have never failed me.


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Rendezvous is the same and many manuals are only available online.
If the manual you have shows how the tool works you may be able to determine if there is an easier way.


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At this point i am fine with online. I will try to find a Rendevous manual. The manual I bought (download) covers the 2004 but is geared towards mechanics. Testing-diagnosis- repair. It gives me an exploded view which I have studied and looks like a reaining clip holds the axle on so i would, theoreticly, have to remvoe the diff cover-unlip the ring, remove the axle- remove old seal-obviously clean and inspect- CAREFULLY set seal in straight-axle back in- put clip back on - put everythng back together- 4qts of VersaTrek dff fluid (have 8 ordered)- and tight circles right then left and repeat- check fluid......
Thanx for the reply, evrything helps