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2004 sunfire heater blower motor died

i looked on videos on how to change the blower motor and i can't find the screws to remove the blower motor. it's being a pain in the tukas. i looked up under the glove box and can see where the motor is but it is covered with plastic and no screws.
yes I did and i found out it is 2005 and the fuse was blown and the relay was melted together so i swapped out the relay and changed the fuse and the blower came on for about 30 sec or so then popped the fuse the fan sounded good and blew lots of air the car has ac as well that doesn't work. i found out this blower hasn't ever been changed so it has those rivets in it. all the videos show taking the screws out and mine didn't have screws just the rivets. i wish the videos would show how to take out the original motors with the rivets.
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you drill out the rivets
my friend went to o Reilly's and the guy told him it was a bad resister we had a discussion about that and after he paid 37 bucks for it i reached down and unplugged the resisters and it still blew the fuses i guess i was right i think it is the motor wearing out i am going to disconnect the blower motor to see if it pops the fuse.