2005 Aztec started missing suddenly and engine light came on at 140,000


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My wife was driving to work while I was on road and she took car to garage because it started missing and engine light came on and they said it would cost more than car was worth.
I'll have some time to look closer this weekend and I usually start checking cylinders by pulling plug wires,then vacuum hoses,remove battery cable and reattach to reboot any software or sensors,and if I can't find anything electrical check compression in weak cylinder.
I just listed a few things one can do to find a miss off the top of my head but this car has not burnt oil,leaked water,gotten hot,or has oil in water or water in oil so unless the timing gear slipped or is wore out,I can't see the cost of repair costing more than cars worth.
I thought I'd ask if there is any weak components in engine that a garage would miss or cause the engine to start missing although it has plenty of power to still drive according to wife.
Doesn't smoke,cough,spit just runs rough like a cylinder missing.
Any input would be highly appreciated.


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did you ask the shop what codes were thrown?
did you ask the shop exactly what is wrong that caused them to make a statement that it's not worth fixing?
did you have it checked by a shop that your normally go to and trust?
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