2005 Pontiac Vibe disable daytime running...



...lights? Need to know how to disable the DRL. The fuse labelled EBU under the dash which the manual indicates as the DRL fuse does not control the DRL. Removing that fuse only disables the passenger side airbab!
Thnaks...cob32187...pulling the E brake doesn't help as that fuse also
controls passenger side airbag!
snuffy....saw this solution on lightsout.org, too, but even though I
found the DRL module it would be too difficult to remove wires. I like
the option of cutting the red/white wire, but that's about just as bad
for location.
Richard W....I'm an old fart and with the DRLs on I forget to turn
the knob on the steering column to actually turn the head lamps AND tail
lamps on. Icon on instrument panel doesn't indicate the difference
between nigth time lights and DRL, it's always on. I'll be smacked in the
rear before I run into anything and I do know how to use the horn!
Papa John...see above answer to Richard
cy...dealer refuses. GM is the company that started the DRL use. see
dodge man...I thought this might be a possibilty, but I can find no
fuse like thing to pull behind the lamps? Ju

Papa John

Why would you want to? It could save you from some idiot pulling out in front of you. If you have auto headlights, isn't there an off position on the headlight switch?


Pull the E-Brake just enough that the light comes on, that usually turns them off.