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2005 Sunfire Plugged Cowl Drain


New member
In heavy rain or a car wash, I am getting water on the passenger side floorboard. It is not due to the heater core or the drain located on the lower part of the the firewall.

I removed the cowl and ran water in the vent area with a hose. The cowl area is filling up with water and allowing water to overflow into the interior of the car. The drains in the fender on both sides of the car are filling with water and not draining. I can't find a drain on the underside of the car where this water should come out. How do I clean out the cowl drains so water flows out properly?


I am experiencing the same thing with my 2005 Pontiac Sunfire. The car drains super slow from where it shouldnt. Water always finds a way out. I have 2 oak tress overhanging the driveway so it seems an acorn or 2 may have found there way in to clog the drain.

How did you get your vehicle unclogged?

92 Sunbird LE

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Salinas, Puerto Rico
On my Sunbird , I had to remove the plastic cover over the fresh air vent source on the cowl under the hood to access the drain.

Your car may be different, mine had to be cleaned alot due leaves, now not so much after Maria since all the trees blew down that were the source.

Doug in P.R. šŸ˜Ž