2006 3.5l lx9 swap to 2007 3.5l lz4


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Okay, this seems ridiculous to a lot of people but I'm wondering. I have a 2006 G6 sedan with the 3500 lx9 but I broke a rod and it went right through the block and I don't feel like pouring money into a lost cause so I need a new engine. I've had people tell me to just get a new car or get the same engine but I don't want a new car because I love my car and don't want a new one and I used to have a newer g6 with the lz4 and I loved it, it had a smooth acceleration, great gas mileage, and it performed when I needed it to perform. I've done some research but the question I'm trying to answer isn't really talked about so that's the back story.
The question is, do the lx9 and lz4 have different components or are the engines exactly the same and I can swap the lx9 with the lz4 with no problem?


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the lx9 was derived from the 3.4 and the lz4 was derived from the 3.9. Any time any engine swap is contemplated you need the matching engine wire harness and ecm at the very least. In this case the engine may not bolt up to the transmission if the bolt pattern is different plus unknown other problems. Not worth the headache of buying an engine that may not fit.

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Try www.car-part.com to find a low mileage used engine with a warranty.

A "A" rating and a 90 day - 1 year warranty is what to look for on the site.

Try it out, I did for my Sunbird transmission and I didn't even install it for 8 months after purchase and its still working ,5 years later.

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